Prayer For A Friend’s Salvation

Abba Father,

I thank you for my friend’s life,

for sustaining them through their trials and suffering,

for watching over them when they were hurting.

Thank you that you’ve been with them,

cried with them, tenderly watched and care for them

even when they felt utterly alone.

Please bless my friend.

Thank you for softening their heart,

and opening their spirit to acknowledge

there’s something more than this world.

Would you continue to open their eyes,

open their ears,

open and humble their hearts,

so that they may see your Son rightly,

in all His beauty, glory, and tender loving kindness.

Please pour out your Spirit on my friend,

wrap them with your wings of comfort and mercy,

surround them with your grace and blessing,

follow them with your loving kindness

and win them over.

Deluge them with your Spirit and presence,

break them with your love,

and woo their hearts to you.

Please save and deliver them,

let them know their barrenness,

their need for you,

let them know forgiveness for their sins,

from Yeshua,

and salvation in your Son.

Fill them with faith to believe and heal them.

Release the hounds of heaven to pursue them today,

bind every plan or attack of the enemy against them,

remove every thought, pretension, or argument

that places itself against the knowledge of you,

and Abba, be pleased to draw this one into your kingdom.

Save, heal, and deliver my friend,

bring comfort, peace, and rest to their weary soul,

bring compensation for all the enemy has stolen, killed, and destroyed,

and let them know your love,

they they are not alone,

that you are all they’ve ever wanted and needed.

Bless my friend today,

thank you Abba.


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