Peace Be Still


Arrest me and gently draw my attention

when my mind is frozen in a whirling buzz

and stuck in anxious cycling.

Let your shalom break in

settling and grounding my body, mind, and soul.

Help me to be aware of unhelpful forces within

propelling me in reaction,

where I involve myself in distractions and busyness

you never called me in to.

Break in and deliver me from the root of anxiety within me.

I repent, acknowledging my helplessness before you.

I proclaim it is not my function or my portion,

yet it is all I’ve known,

so by faith I ask Lord for your mercy,

establish your peace that transcends all understanding in its place.

Still my body, heart, and brain to rest and heal.

Let me live guided by your peace,

moving at your pace,

and speak into my heart

your words of mercy, comfort, and life,

that I am accepted, enough, beloved in you.

Help me understand my true function

and your purposes for me,

pour out your Spirit of grace

so I may always turn back to you,

returning to truth, simplicity, stillness, and peace,

and be empowered to do your works by faith,

what you have portioned for my hands to do,

and find contentment

exactly as I am, where I am, wherever you lead,

wholly, fully present for this beautiful life

you have gifted me

that I may know you, know your joy,

and give you thanks and praise

every day, all my days.

Thank you for your power and peace Lord,

you are able.



3 thoughts on “Peace Be Still

  1. Praying with you that you may be fully enveloped in His love and comfort and that His Shalom will will permeate every cell of your body to the core of your being as you see Him establish His Kingdom of Peace within and through you for His Glory, your contentment and to the benefit of those around you… may you live and move in a strong sense of His presence this week! (I am always so blessed by you reading the prayers of your heart) ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for your eloquent prayer. I cherish your words, they are so timely. You have such a gift of encouragement, wisdom, and discernment, and I pray your own blessings would return upon your head tenfold, and that your week would be filled with His shalom and presence. ❤

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