Sweet Companionship


You have shown me the Father,

gentle, generous, gracious, and kind,

good, wise, and perfect,

disciplining me for my good,

keeping me within pleasant boundaries

that are good for my soul.

You are my Provider,

meeting all my needs,

you are my Comforter,

you will never leave me nor forsake me.

You have given me everything I need,

every spiritual blessing

to walk in holiness and perfection in your eyes.

Help me to joyfully fellowship with you

in your suffering,

as you walked a stranger in this world.

Let me let go of my familiarity with the world,

to be your friend,

that my attachments to this world would fade away

in the light of your beautiful face,

and help me to just be still and walk

with you in the garden,

knowing there’s no other place I’d rather be

than with you as your companion.

I still my heart,

focusing my inward gaze upon you,

and I praise you and bless your Name.



11 thoughts on “Sweet Companionship

      1. YES! I sure enjoy reading Being created in his image blog. They are so right in the way they think of how we are to serve the Lord. God Bless and Keep you Always close as you walk with Him. You have a beautiful website here as well.

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      2. Thank you Julia, I loved visiting your site as well and your heart for the Lord. ❤ I wish the same blessings overflowing upon your life! Bless you and so very grateful for this kind of fellowship online!

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  1. Beautiful prayer. It reflects my favorite passage of scripture that led me to deeper understanding. (John 14:8-21) I’ve taken that particular passage personal for a long time. Funny story:
    I’ve also always spelled my name “Phillip” as it is on my VA – ID and Social Security tax forms and everything else. When it came time to draw my benefits, I had to bring them my birth certificate. I had kept it all my life and had to go home and get it as they “needed it also”. Low and behold, it not only had my first name spelled “Philip”, it also had two “O’s” in my last name “Yarborough”, but have spelled it “Yarbrough” all my life. I suppose it was a typo at the hospital I was born. The SS man said I would have to either get it changed or get a picture ID with the BC spelling. So I went to DMV and got a standard $10 NC – ID with my named spelled “Philip Yarborough” and began getting my SS tax reimbursements plus interest benefits. I asked the SS man if I would still get my benefits since the tax has been collected all my life from “Phillip S. Yarbrough”. He said “Yes, the number is the same.” [That’s a bit spooky.] Now I suppose I’m “bi-polar” with the U. S. Government! It’s been 5 years now and I guess I’m drawing on the interest from the SS Trust Fund. (If it really exists!) With the VA, I served my country and paid taxes as Phillip S. Yarbrough, but with the Social Security Administration, Medicare and NC Medicaid, I’m “Philip S. Yarborough”. To Jesus, I’m just “Friend”! (Luke 14:10) And I pray to the Father “brother”. (Heb. 1:2, Romans 8:16-17, Gal. 3:29, 4:1,7) Thank you Father God for teaching me understanding. LOLGB+


    1. To a friend of Jesus and child of the Father… Thank you so much for sharing your story! 🙂 I appreciate you serving our nation, and am thankful that you are receiving what you need on this side of heaven with all your names/spellings/identities! =D It was wonderful reading your message and being reminded once again that in God’s eyes, things become so simple again… we are simply beloved. Bless you brother, and I pray you had a wonderful, happy thanksgiving! 🙂

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