Use Me Lord


I praise you,

Creator of all heaven and earth,

thank you,

you remember me,

less than a speck in the universe,

desiring to bend down

and use me for your purposes,

for my utmost joy and satisfaction,

for your delight, glory, and kingdom.

Grant me faith,

each and every day,

to press in to your will.

Forgetting what is behind,

pressing on towards the goal,

the high calling in Messiah

to know you, be known by you,

to love you, be loved by you,

and to obey your Words of life,

follow the guiding of your Spirit,

and to truly love… and live.

Strengthen me, provide for my daily needs,

to partner with you

in establishing your kingdom—

rigteousness, peace, and joy

—in this generation.

I love you Lord,

you are worthy!





I pray and ask you

for divinely appointed fellowship and friends

in every season,

as iron sharpens iron,

those who love you,

love your Word and Spirit,

ones running to you,

challenging me to love and pursue you too,

stepping beyond my comfort zone,

stretching my faith,

to trust and know you more.

Please bring into my life

wise counselors and mentors⁠—

spiritually, physically,

mentally, emotionally,

financially, professionally,

socially, relationally;

for without you I’m a fool,

let me live wisely,

step humbly,

serve in your footsteps,

love well,

and praise you all my days.


Rooted In His Word


let me delight in your Word,

loving your instruction,

meditating on your rhema

cherishing your guidance and counsel,

my heart wrapping around

your still small voice,

seeking out your whispers and nudges.

Cast away all other voices,

as far from me

as the east is from the west,

and let me be keen to discern,

so that I may not sit, stand, or walk

in worldly counsels

or fellowship in ungodly company.

Let me be an oak tree

firmly planted in living waters,

always blessed, nourished,

and prosperous in your ways,

rooted and grounded in you,

unshakable for whatever the future may hold.

Make it so Lord,

I put my faith in you.

I bless your Name.


One Day At A Time


help me to meet you

early in the morning,

and in the closing of the day.

Grant me the wisdom,

knowledge, understanding,

and discipline

to steward the gift of time

you have given me,

structuring my hours,

my moments,

my day to wrap around your presence,

and prioritize your will for my life.

Help me to work diligently,

faithfully in partnership with you,

according to your purposes,

and let me find deep rest

in your Word,

knowing I’ve lived your will.

Let my life count for you,

one day at a time.

I bless you Lord.


My God

God of Abraham,

God of Isaac,

God of Jacob,

God of my life,

I praise you for the personal relationship

you would have with me,

different from any other,

you’ve knit me uniquely,

you talk, relate, love me specifically.

I’m known, seen, and blessed.

For you are my God,

my Lord,

my Savior.

I love you God.




Let me truly know and believe you

as my Savior and my rest.

I surrender my plans, goals, desires,

my life into your hands.

I give my days and nights to you,

show me your pace,

give me your priorities,

help me to let go of the rest,

knowing my work is done

when I have been obedient to your directives,

no more and no less,

to believe that is enough,

that I am enough,

and to trust you with all the rest.

I repent of the idols of busyness and productivity,

take away the burdens of these slave masters

and false identities,

heal me of my burn out and overwhelm,

and let me drop deeper from the surface cycles

of worldly living

into seeing, hearing, living,

walking by your Spirit and Word.

Help me to believe,

help my unbelief,

bring revelation to my mind,

bring a change of heart,

let me see where I cannot see,

and awaken me from my own deception—

to enter and settle in your Rest,

knowing you are my Lord

and salvation,

and I have no lack in you.

I love you Lord.


Garden Of My Heart


help me to prepare my heart,

tilling and turning baked soil,

removing hard rocks,

weeds, and boulders,

going deep,

so there’s depth for your truth to root.

Let me be faithful in planting and receiving good seed,

to water, nourish, and nurture,

guarding and protecting their life.

Place around me other believers,

growing their own healthy gardens,

wise and skilled in your Spirit and Word,

ready in season and out.

Lord, I ask you to grow,

your Truth in my heart,

increasing and strengthening my faith—

let your desires take deep root,

growing strong,

tall and wide,

and let me filled with your ways,

your purposes, your heart,

full of life from the Source of life.

Help me to do my part,

and trust you to do yours.

I bless you Lord.


Teach Me To Rest


Help me to slow down,

and find my rest in you.

Please forgive me

for running 100 miles an hour,

trying to sustain myself,

even when everything falls apart

sooner or later in my strength.

Forgive me for not turning to you sooner.

Thank you for your grace

to turn to you,

your counsel that is for my good.

Lord, when I wake up,

I will turn to you,

to seek your protection and grace,

to order my day with your priorities,

to lean on you for strength.

I will meditate upon your Word

throughout my day,

rooting deep

to find living water,

walking alongside you,

taking care of my temple,

moving, nourishing body, mind, and soul,

to serve and love well.

I will bookend my day in you,

keeping short accounts with you,

cleansing my heart,

cultivating a thankful heart,

and entering into night,

seeking sweet sleep

as a blessing from you.

Have your way in my life Lord.

I bless you,


Praise the Lord


I praise you today,

and forget not all your benefits.

You’ve forgiven me of all my sins,

healed me of all my diseases,

your mercy and grace wash over me,

your loving kindness overtakes me,

I am blessed,

loved, and known

by my Creator and King,

God of the universe,

who holds the whole world,

the breath of every living creature,

the movement of the oceans,

clouds, and winds in His hands.

Let me trust more,

see you all around

and love more,

drench me with with you Spirit,

to worship you all my days,

because you alone are worthy Lord.


He Meets Me


I praise you for your call,

your counsel and guidance,

your purposes,

thank you that where you lead me,

you are already there.

You’ll meet me,

even as you’re with me,

and you’ll never leave me

nor forsake me,

so I will lean on you,

acknowledging you in all my ways,

for you make my paths straight.

Bless me to be a blessing,

reveal your love to me,

so I can love well,

and serve and give with a generous heart.

Most of all,

let me just walk right next to you,

every step of the way,

and enjoy your companionship,

delighting you,

rejoicing in your love,

all the days of my life.

I love you Lord.