Love Like You


would you teach me how to love,

to peer into a soul

and see what you see,

having compassion,

unconditional acceptance

for a history I don’t see,

suffering I can’t understand,

to let go of my judgement

and lean my head on your heartbeat,

to be patient, kind, and gentle,

soft against harsh edges,

gracious toward prickly spines,

can you give me a new grace

to interact with others,

an anointing to speak words

that bring life and healing,

an empowerment and strengthening

a fresh infusion of your Spirit

to wait, give space, choice, freedom,

the honoring and dignifying,

that you have done for me

in my shame,

believing, hoping

for your best in others,

trusting that your love

is more powerful than anything in the world.

Let me love like you Lord,

remembering your love

has transformed me.

I bless you Lord.


Letting Go


I praise you that you hold onto me,

uphold me in your love,

reminding me of your promises,

your goodness in the past,

so I can let go today,

and trust you.

I place my loved ones in your hands

trusting your plans, your will, your timing for them

is perfect,

and I’m grateful to have been a witness

of your love, your Spirit, your grace in their lives

for a moment in time

that I pray stretches into an eternity of fellowship

worshipping you.

Lord, you give and you take away,

and I’m blessed for the footprints

that have come into and out of my life,

that you have used

to bless, enrich, grant love and wisdom,

to remind me how real you are,

how powerful and good,

how deeply you love this world,

so much that you came down

and gave your life for us all.

Come Lord,

I long for the day

we will all be caught up in your power,

with every tear wiped from our eyes,

no more loss, grief, and pain,

enjoying sweet fellowship with you

with one another


I trust you Lord,

I let go,

and I bless you.




Thank you for your plans and thoughts towards me,

for sharing with me your heart and love,

your joy, hope, beauty, and life.

I praise you for the revival of your Spirit,

setting me free,

my family, friends, and community,

your presence amongst us

making us whole,

bringing salvation, healing, and deliverance,

signs, miracles, and wonders

for all to see,

confirming your Word

that Yeshua reigns and is King of kings.

I praise you for the testimonies to come forth,

to go around the world,

lighting a fire,

searing hearts,

making burning ones

single minded,

whole hearted for you.

Open up your heavens,

pour out your Spirit on all flesh,

bring in the harvest of hungry, thirsty, weary, seeking souls

so that they may find rest in you.

Enable, empower, strengthen, inspire us all in love,

riding on the tsunami of your Spirit

to love hard and love well,

to love for your glory and your Name.

You alone are worthy, you are so good.

I bless you Abba.


Healing In Relationships


I thank you that I may approach your throne room of grace,

and that you hear my cries and petitions.

I bless you for your heart for healing and wholeness in relationships,

and I praise you for your precious fellowship,

Father, Son, and Spirit,

three in one, one in three

dwelling in perfect, beautiful unity.

Abba have mercy on my brothers,

restore the sweet intimacy of their brotherhood from youth.

Melt down the walls that have been built up through the years,

cleanse and heal wounds and trauma that were beyond their control.

Soften hearts from unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger,

and remove the distorted filters given by the enemy.

Please save, heal, and deliver them Lord,

out from the spirit of division, oppression, isolation,

pride, deception, unforgiveness, suspicion, and betrayal.

Release repentance upon their hearts,

a spirit of conviction of sins,

and turn their faces to you,

draw them to yourself,

let them see your Son

and receive His sacrifice, forgiveness, and life.

Let them dwell in unity

by the grace of your Spirit,

in one heart, one mind, one spirit,

under the lordship of your Son,

restored, healed, whole, complete.

Place your hedge of protection around them,

release your angels concerning them,

fight the battle that has raged against their brotherhood.

Abba, you always win,

please destroy the enemy and bring your victory here.

Bless these brothers to receive your full compensation

for all the years the locusts have eaten,

and revive this relationship

with your precious mercies, grace, and life.

Thank you Abba.


Planted In His Promise


Thank you for where you’ve planted me

in rich soil where I will grow.

You’ve hemmed me in, cornered me,

and though I’ve fought to flee,

you’ve stayed me.

I praise you for rooting me in you,

upturning, upheaving the environment around,

repotting, replanting me

so that I would take root,

caring for me in transition,

that my roots may grow deeper still

in the promised land you’ve brought me to.

Thank you for the community

you are raising up and nurturing around me,

wise, beautiful, loving, supportive souls

that know your hand and pruning,

speaking truth and life,

rising to the Son.

I never believed the place I was running from,

would be the place of your restoration —

hidden dreams and promises to be birthed,

but I believe now,

and repent of doubting your love,

and praise you for your lovingkindness

that has met me time and time again when I’ve run.

I surrender all to you Lord,

and I trust you.

You work all things for good and for your glory.

I bless you Lord.


Debt of Love


thank you for bringing down the walls of my pride

with your acceptance, love, and grace,

cherishing me, reminding me of

the essence of who I am,

who you created me to be,

someone I am and haven’t known.

You swallow up my guilt and shame,

layers of failure, sin, and grief,

with unending waves of mercy

that crash down around me,

washing and cleansing me,

setting me free,

you’ve restored my heart and my joy,

lifted my head.

In broken gratitude,

I’m reminded that I’ve done nothing for it,

my hands are empty.

Naked I’ve come into this world,

naked I’ll leave,

but I am forever in debt to your love,

my God who is complete, glorious, eternal, abundant.

Let me praise you more,

love you more,

give thanks to you more,

there’s none like you,

and let your awe within me,

shed light to your glory

wherever I go.

I love you Lord,

thank you, thank you, thank you

for all you’ve done.


The Word In Us


Put a hunger, thirst, love, and delight

for your Word in me.

Let me mull over your words,

turning them over and over in my heart and mind,

until they are like smoothed, worn pebbles

comfortable and familiar,

lovingly held in my heart,

saturating my mind and body

towards kindness, righteousness, and blessing.

Guide my steps to connections,

interactions with others who are wise,

walking with companions who love your ways,

friends who obey your Spirit

and cherish your voice,

that you would use us as

as iron sharpens iron,

purifying our hearts

to be stronger and

shine brighter together

as your children.

Let your love abound in us,

in knowledge, depth of discernment, and insight,

knit together by your Spirit and grace,

of one heart, mind, and accord

that the world may see you in us,

and find their hope and salvation in you.

Lord, I praise you for you are the living Word,

I thank you for your Spirit and presence within me,

in each member of the family of Messiah,

may we bless your heart,

and rise up to your holy, beautiful call

to be your Bride,

worshiping you alone.

You alone are God and worthy of all our praise.