Tabernacle With Us


I thank you for coming in fragile human flesh,

living among us,

knowing us intimately, painfully, and unreservedly.

Thank you for never turning away,

but pressing into death on the cross,

embracing all our brokenness,

taking all our sin, accusations, and shame,

and dying, burying it all in the grave.

You took yourself up into life,

which only you the Son of God, Son of Man can do,

and you made a way

for us to find home in you.

I praise you for being the tabernacle of life

that sustains, makes me whole,

bringing comfort, love, joy, peace, and rest.

I bless your Name for the promise

that you are coming again, soon,

and you’re making all things right

in accordance with your Word and decree,

waiting patiently for all

you’ve called into your household.

Thank you for your Spirit,

your presence with me

as we sojourn through this life,

and the hope of home with you

forever afterwards.

I bless you Lord.


Settled In Love


I quiet my busy mind

calm my antsy soul,

why is there such unrest within me?

When I gaze upon you in faith

with the eyes of my heart,

sensing your presence

the substance of what my faith longs for,

te weight of your Spirit

quenches my soul thirst,

heals my mind,

and settles my heart.

Lord, strengthen my inner man with your Spirit

that you would dwell in my heart as I trust in you.

Let my roots go down deep in your love

and make me unshakable, unmovable, magnanimous.

May I grasp how high, long, wide, and deep

your love is,

embracing and trusting the mystery

that all eternity will not be enough

to understand fully.

Let me be whole, complete, perfect as you are,

in the abundance of life and strength that comes from you,

that I may decrease and you would increase.

I praise you Lord

that you answer above and beyond

anything that I can ask, think, or imagine.

I praise you for your love.


Light Of The World


You are the light of the world,

grant me the grace to follow you,

let me never walk in darkness,

but have your light which gives life.

Let my life witness to your light,

let my testimony be valid, true, and pure.

Give me wisdom to know where I came from,

my body from dust,

my soul and spirit from your hand,

and to know where I’m going,

my body to dust,

my soul and spirit returning to you.

Cleanse my eyes, ears, and heart

to not judge by merely human standards,

but like you,

to pass judgement on no one,

but entrust them to your loving hands.

If I do pass judgement,

let it be valid,

coming from your heart and the One who sent you.

Let me say in the world

only what I have heard from your Spirit.

Let me lift you up,

so that I may know you,

and do nothing of myself,

but say only what your Spirit and Word have taught me.

Please help me to do what pleases you,

don’t ever leave me to myself,

and be with me always Lord.

Let me obey what you say,

know the truth,

and be set free.

for when you bring freedom,

I am truly free.

I praise you Son of Man!

Let my life please you and bring you glory.


Trust God Alone


I praise you that in my waiting

you renew my strength

like that of an eagle’s,

soaring in your Spirit.

I praise you for a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind,

that I place in your capable hands, your strong care.

Though some may trust in their own strength,

might, intelligence, connections, and power,

I remember you and will trust in you alone.

Though there are heartaches and sufferings

I don’t understand,

things that have not gone the way I’d hoped or planned,

I place my trust in you.

Lord you are good,

your mercy and love endures forever,

your loving kindness chases down every heartbroken sinner

like me.

When I trusted in idols, in my own strength,

I bowed down under the yoke of the enemy

and was broken.

But now I put my trust in you,

and I will rise up and stand strong,

firm in my faith,

with power in my spirit, soul, and body,

so that when I fall seven times, I will get right back up,

bold as a lion,

unhindered by shame and sin.

I praise you for your blood,

for the transaction of my death for your eternal life.

I bless you Lord,

you alone are worthy, worthy, worthy,

of all my praise.


God’s Joy


Thank you for your kindness and grace,

that your thoughts toward me are a million fold good,

that your love showers upon me like a comet storm.

I praise you for your songs of joy

reverberating throughout the heavens,

drenching me in resonance, life, and delight.

I’m in awe of your love and compassion,

quiet, merciful, gentle, unobstrusive,

making no mention of my past sins.

Your love is all around,

surrounding, embracing,

cleansing and renewing me.

There’s none in the heavens and the earth like you,

nothing, no one that comes close,

no second that even compares.

You are awesome and glorious,

resplendant in your beauty, holiness, and love.

I praise you Abba,

thank you for making me yours.


Sweet Surrender


I bless you for your call to yourself,

that you chose me and delivered me,

giving your life to purchase mine

and calling me to surrender

all to you,

into your perfect hands.

Your wooing has won my trust

again and again,

that you are good,

your lovingkindness goes before me,

pursues me, hems me in,

and your discipline brings forth fruit.

I bless you for the crushing and breaking,

you do not ask me to follow

where you haven’t gone before,

and I thank you that you do what I can’t do for myself,

and pour out grace for my heart to say yes to you.

I cherish your spirit within me,

your voice like waters that speaks and comforts,

and I will surrender, submit, and follow you,

and be blessed all my days.

I love you and praise you O Lord.




I praise you for your forgiveness,

for cleansing me of all of my sins,

generations past and generations forth,

you have taken away the stain of sin and shame,

and proclaimed my innocence

in the courtrooms of heaven.

You sent your Son to stand in my place,

receive my judgement,

and die for me.

And in return,

trading places,

I receive His pure, spotless, eternal life

being with you forever.

His blood speaks a better word,

every moment, every day,

and I praise you that no earthly,

worldly judgement can stand in the way.

You are the the beginning and the end,

your Word will never pass away,

and I am sealed by your Spirit,

stamped innocent and free,

forgiven, loved, and blessed

today and for the rest of eternity.

I bless you God,


Love Always


I praise you for the cross,

where I shed my Lazarus mind and sin,

the dry, empty, fragile shell has been broken,

and I see your Spirit dwelling within.

I praise you that every crack, every shattering has forced me

to journey to your cross,

my independence and pride

laid down

piece by difficult piece,

a surrender impossible for my flesh,

but all things are possible with you Lord.

Cracked open, laid bare,

I remember your love

when you first met me,

inviting, embracing, loving,

total unconditional acceptance

that broke me,

and breaks me still,

and I find after a long, wandering path,

lost and barren in the wilderness,

it has been a road back to simply you,

your gentle light, your gracious heart,

your happy love and delighted embrace.

Bedrocks of mercy, overwhelming grace

going far deeper than my lowest lows.

I’m amazed to find you within me,

I have Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind!

Lord, that I’d be a fool once again to follow you

wherever you call, whatever you ask of me to do,

to give all that I am to Love.

You alone are worth it.

You alone are worthy.

Grant me the strength to praise you all my days

into, throughout eternity.




I praise you for salvation I never deserved,

I thank you for your love and presence,

your mercy, protection, and continuing companionship,

through the valleys and mountains in my life.

Grant my eyes to look heavenward,

redirect my gaze

whenever its pulled to things passing away.

Let me look forward,

press forward,

casting aside all that I can’t take into eternity,

walking on water,

stepping in faith.

Conform me to your image,

let my life express your loving kindness,

keep me in the eternal now of your presence,

to be a light and fountain of living water

wherever you place me in this world.

Unfurl my fingers from my earthly treasures,

and give me a wise heart for shrewd stewardship

that will bring you glory and further your kingdom, not mine.

Show me how to invest in my heavenly bank,

sharing treasures of love, kindness, goodness, and truth

all around.

Let me never forget

that I may rest all the while in your finished work,

that you are the author and finisher of my faith,

and by your grace I will seek you

and follow you all my days

from this world to the next.

I bless you Lord.