My Lord

My Lord,

I surrender to your waves of mercy,

sinking deep, allowing your love to penetrate every cell of my body.

I can’t believe you would take me back,

after my failures, my sin, my betrayal of you,

the nails I put in your hands and feet,

the way I mocked and scorned you,

how hard and cold my heart was to your suffering.

I don’t understand how you receive me back again and again,

this prodigal,

with wide open arms,

putting your ring on my finger,

your robe on my back,

telling me I am yours,

that you chose me and want me,

and I belong to you.

I can’t understand your love in my intellect,

yet you pursue me, you haven’t let me go.

You are kind, gentle, and good,

holy, pure, with no guile,

strong, tender, compassionate,

humble, gracious, and patient.

You keep no record of my wrongs,

your heart is always soft towards me,

open, merciful, you never hold back.

I bless you Lord

there’s none that loves like you,

you alone are God,

perfect in love,

beautiful, glorious,

take this small, broken heart,

make it wholly yours,

I give myself to you.


Walk With Me


As I go through my day,

grant me dove’s eyes for you,

an awareness of your presence,

your voice,

your peace,

your heart.

As people cross my path,

bumping into my being,

as circumstances fill the space around me,

use it all to slough off dead soulish skin,

expose the places of my need,

the idols of my choice,

and pour out your lovingkindness, mercy, and compassion,

into my broken matrices,

that I may truly be healed, set free, and whole.

Let me sit and be in your love

in all my glorious mess,

let it be your love and grace that truly transforms and sustains me,

not my disciplines, mantras, and efforts.

Abba I invite you,

come into my day to day,

my step by step,

my breath to breath,

breathe into me,

and empower me to walk with you.

Let me be your companion

just like in the garden.

I love you Abba.


Healing In Relationships


I thank you that I may approach your throne room of grace,

and that you hear my cries and petitions.

I bless you for your heart for healing and wholeness in relationships,

and I praise you for your precious fellowship,

Father, Son, and Spirit,

three in one, one in three

dwelling in perfect, beautiful unity.

Abba have mercy on my brothers,

restore the sweet intimacy of their brotherhood from youth.

Melt down the walls that have been built up through the years,

cleanse and heal wounds and trauma that were beyond their control.

Soften hearts from unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger,

and remove the distorted filters given by the enemy.

Please save, heal, and deliver them Lord,

out from the spirit of division, oppression, isolation,

pride, deception, unforgiveness, suspicion, and betrayal.

Release repentance upon their hearts,

a spirit of conviction of sins,

and turn their faces to you,

draw them to yourself,

let them see your Son

and receive His sacrifice, forgiveness, and life.

Let them dwell in unity

by the grace of your Spirit,

in one heart, one mind, one spirit,

under the lordship of your Son,

restored, healed, whole, complete.

Place your hedge of protection around them,

release your angels concerning them,

fight the battle that has raged against their brotherhood.

Abba, you always win,

please destroy the enemy and bring your victory here.

Bless these brothers to receive your full compensation

for all the years the locusts have eaten,

and revive this relationship

with your precious mercies, grace, and life.

Thank you Abba.


His Beautiful Voice


I praise you for your love calling,

pursuing me and winning my trust,

cutting through all the voices, all the noise,

soft, steady, patient, unhurried,

consistent, ever present, never ending,

mysterious, safe, beautiful, and holy

overtaking, overcoming,

like waves of sand on the shore,

your voice like many waters,

drenching me, speaking from the depths within,

cleansing me from the inside out,

assuring me that you are alive within.

Lord, let me see your face,

let me hear your voice,

that my life would be as a drum,

reverberating and echoing

your life, light, truth, and peace,

calling others to your mercy and grace,

that we may enjoy a resting place together

that can only be found in you.

I bless your Name.


Shine Your Light


let me follow your lead,

looking up to you,

face radiant with your beauty and glory,

grant me grace to shine your light,

unhindered now from shame and guilt,

washed, cleansed, made whole by your blood,

your love, redeemed and made new.

I am a city on a hill,

a lampstand that will not be hidden,

let your spirit glow gently through me,

through my skin,

beyond the pleasant boundaries of self,

extending to those you’ve called to yourself,

use me and bless me

to be your blessing to others,

that as they bask in your presence,

my being would point them straight to you,

that in the fellowship of your Spirit,

we would enjoy your love, joy, peace, and blessings,

together, as beloved, pursued, valued, and cherished

children of the Most High God.


Planted In His Promise


Thank you for where you’ve planted me

in rich soil where I will grow.

You’ve hemmed me in, cornered me,

and though I’ve fought to flee,

you’ve stayed me.

I praise you for rooting me in you,

upturning, upheaving the environment around,

repotting, replanting me

so that I would take root,

caring for me in transition,

that my roots may grow deeper still

in the promised land you’ve brought me to.

Thank you for the community

you are raising up and nurturing around me,

wise, beautiful, loving, supportive souls

that know your hand and pruning,

speaking truth and life,

rising to the Son.

I never believed the place I was running from,

would be the place of your restoration —

hidden dreams and promises to be birthed,

but I believe now,

and repent of doubting your love,

and praise you for your lovingkindness

that has met me time and time again when I’ve run.

I surrender all to you Lord,

and I trust you.

You work all things for good and for your glory.

I bless you Lord.


The Word In Us


Put a hunger, thirst, love, and delight

for your Word in me.

Let me mull over your words,

turning them over and over in my heart and mind,

until they are like smoothed, worn pebbles

comfortable and familiar,

lovingly held in my heart,

saturating my mind and body

towards kindness, righteousness, and blessing.

Guide my steps to connections,

interactions with others who are wise,

walking with companions who love your ways,

friends who obey your Spirit

and cherish your voice,

that you would use us as

as iron sharpens iron,

purifying our hearts

to be stronger and

shine brighter together

as your children.

Let your love abound in us,

in knowledge, depth of discernment, and insight,

knit together by your Spirit and grace,

of one heart, mind, and accord

that the world may see you in us,

and find their hope and salvation in you.

Lord, I praise you for you are the living Word,

I thank you for your Spirit and presence within me,

in each member of the family of Messiah,

may we bless your heart,

and rise up to your holy, beautiful call

to be your Bride,

worshiping you alone.

You alone are God and worthy of all our praise.