To Pray


thank you for reaching my heart,

loosening my lips,

unlocking words

to talk with you,

to pray,





for confidence in your love,

for showing me my limits and lack

by your kindness, not to my shame,

so that I can ask, seek, and knock.

My reason has failed me,

your loving kindness has broken through,

time and again,

I bless you for faith,

softening, circumcising this heart of stone,

and I dare to believe now,

that you are so good,

you will answer.

I accept your terms,

I pray now your will, not my own,

trusting you know best,

with unclenched hands

ready to surrender all and receive

your best for my ultimate good,

even when I don’t understand.

Help me, teach continuously how to pray,

I love you Lord.


Light Of The World


You are the light of the world,

grant me the grace to follow you,

let me never walk in darkness,

but have your light which gives life.

Let my life witness to your light,

let my testimony be valid, true, and pure.

Give me wisdom to know where I came from,

my body from dust,

my soul and spirit from your hand,

and to know where I’m going,

my body to dust,

my soul and spirit returning to you.

Cleanse my eyes, ears, and heart

to not judge by merely human standards,

but like you,

to pass judgement on no one,

but entrust them to your loving hands.

If I do pass judgement,

let it be valid,

coming from your heart and the One who sent you.

Let me say in the world

only what I have heard from your Spirit.

Let me lift you up,

so that I may know you,

and do nothing of myself,

but say only what your Spirit and Word have taught me.

Please help me to do what pleases you,

don’t ever leave me to myself,

and be with me always Lord.

Let me obey what you say,

know the truth,

and be set free.

for when you bring freedom,

I am truly free.

I praise you Son of Man!

Let my life please you and bring you glory.


Quiet In Love


I praise you for your time and timing,

your rhythms and cycles,

ebbs and flows,

and I welcome your shabbat,

your rest today at the end of this week.

Thank you for your heartbeat

pulsing through me,

though my week,

for your presence with me,

your Spirit’s counsel, guidance, and love

hovering over me,

disciplining, leading, moving me

forward into greater plains of your freedom and grace.

I praise you for this day to pause,

to be still

and remember, reflect

on your beauty, glory, and holiness.

You are so good,

active, invisible, powerful, and mighty,

buoying me and my loved ones up in your love.

I love you and will quiet my soul,

satisfied as a weaned baby in your arms.

I bless you Lord.


God’s Joy


Thank you for your kindness and grace,

that your thoughts toward me are a million fold good,

that your love showers upon me like a comet storm.

I praise you for your songs of joy

reverberating throughout the heavens,

drenching me in resonance, life, and delight.

I’m in awe of your love and compassion,

quiet, merciful, gentle, unobstrusive,

making no mention of my past sins.

Your love is all around,

surrounding, embracing,

cleansing and renewing me.

There’s none in the heavens and the earth like you,

nothing, no one that comes close,

no second that even compares.

You are awesome and glorious,

resplendant in your beauty, holiness, and love.

I praise you Abba,

thank you for making me yours.


Entering Calm

Lord of Shabbat,

I praise you for rest,

the rock of my salvation,

safety and security are in you alone,

laying all soul weariness at your feet,

comforted and refreshed under your talit,

drinking from your springs of living water,

you are the source of life,

your presence heals and revives.

I put aside the distractions,

my worries and cares I cast onto you,

I choose to quiet my soul,

be still,

and draw near,

trusting you will draw nearer still.

Thank you for your open arms,

that you never stop waiting,

with open arms, embracing heart,

I praise you for choosing me,

that you are all I need, will ever need.

You are my everything Lord,

I bless your Name.


You Hear


I cry out to you,

hear my voice and turn your ear to me.

When you are silent,

I become desperate for your words,

and am no better than those going to the pit.

I thank you for your blood,

cleansing me as I enter your Tent of Meeting,

washing me from all sins — past, present, and future,

pride, failures, and shame once more swept away.

I lift my hands to you,

offering you my heart and soul.

Search me, know me,

test my anxious thoughts,

see if there is any offensive way in me

and lead me in the way everlasting.

I bless you Lord because you’ve heard me,

you receive my cries and are moved,

moving on my behalf.

You alone are my Rock and Refuge,

the One to whom I can turn.

You are my strength and my comfort,

and my heart trusts and finds rest in you alone.

You answer my prayers, you speak to my heart,

and my heart rejoices in your hep and love.

I thank you Lord for your faithfulness to me,

you are a fortress surrounding me

with the heavenly hosts at your beck and command.

I will not shaken, I will not be moved,

and I rejoice to trust in your might hand and outstretched arm.

Bless you Lord,


His Beautiful Voice


I praise you for your love calling,

pursuing me and winning my trust,

cutting through all the voices, all the noise,

soft, steady, patient, unhurried,

consistent, ever present, never ending,

mysterious, safe, beautiful, and holy

overtaking, overcoming,

like waves of sand on the shore,

your voice like many waters,

drenching me, speaking from the depths within,

cleansing me from the inside out,

assuring me that you are alive within.

Lord, let me see your face,

let me hear your voice,

that my life would be as a drum,

reverberating and echoing

your life, light, truth, and peace,

calling others to your mercy and grace,

that we may enjoy a resting place together

that can only be found in you.

I bless your Name.