Eating The Word


day and night,

let me be in your Word,

loving your teaching,

meditating, reflecting,

mulling, chewing,

eating and drinking,

what you are speaking to me.

Let your Word take root,

deep within my cells,

changing my DNA,

my face, my countenance,

my life,

to reflect your light,

your glory, your beauty,

to those hurting who need you…

just like you did for me.

Draw your lost ones to yourself,

quickly Lord,

salvation is your Name.



Rich Soil


Help me to prepare the soil of my heart,

to till deep for your seeds of truth

to root down and take hold.

Let me fill my heart with right seed,

being faithful and diligent to water them,

and Lord,

be pleased to grow your desires,

your truth,

your ways, your will,

your heart

in me,

so that I may be like an oak tree

with hanging branches

planted by rivers of living water,

abundant with your fruit

to share with those around me,

offering shade and comfort by your grace.

Be glorified in me Lord.


Rooted In His Word


let me delight in your Word,

loving your instruction,

meditating on your rhema

cherishing your guidance and counsel,

my heart wrapping around

your still small voice,

seeking out your whispers and nudges.

Cast away all other voices,

as far from me

as the east is from the west,

and let me be keen to discern,

so that I may not sit, stand, or walk

in worldly counsels

or fellowship in ungodly company.

Let me be an oak tree

firmly planted in living waters,

always blessed, nourished,

and prosperous in your ways,

rooted and grounded in you,

unshakable for whatever the future may hold.

Make it so Lord,

I put my faith in you.

I bless your Name.


In Your Presence


let me never leave this place

of being loved, cherished by you,

seen to the core of my heart,

accepted unconditionally,

attended to,

cared for,

with tender mercies

and pure grace.

Thank you for bringing me here

through sin, brokenness, and loss.

I never could have come alone,

I never would have known,

that such a love existed,

if you hadn’t drawn me,

put the cry in my heart,

and gathered me to you.

Protect me,

don’t let me be deceived and distracted,

by other lovers and shiny things.

Put your love in my heart

that I may adore you all of my days,

this was what I was made for,

and life feels right,

makes sense here…

in your presence.

I love you God.