Level Paths


I praise you that you thoroughly know me,

and still love me with an everlasting love.

You know my day before me,

my comings and my goings,

the challenges and obstacles ahead.

Lord please go before me,

give me your advantage,

Spirit level my path before me,

smooth out my way

with your peace, comfort, and grace.

Enclose me under your hand,

hem me in behind and before,

command your angels regarding me,

to protect and defend me

that my feet may not stumble

as I walk in your ways.

Give me a pure heart,

wholehearted and single-minded for you,

that I would have a servant’s heart,

working with a spirit of excellence,

and thanksgiving to you.

Let me throw off every yoke that’s not of you,

from the world, society, others, even myself,

so that I may take on only your yoke that is easy,

your burden which is light,

and learn to follow only you,

gentle Lord, humble in heart.

Thank you for being my Messiah and Lord,

I bless you and praise you for my good inheritance.



Praise Your Name


I praise your Name,

I bless your Name from this moment

and forever on,

from the sun’s rising to setting,

your Name will be praised.

You are high above all the earth,

your majesty fills the heavens,

there’s none like you

enthroned on the highest seat.

You humble yourself,

stoop down,

to consider the heavens and the earth.

You lift my head up,

caring for my heart,

I will not fear or be anxious,

but cast all my cares on you.

Thank you and I praise you Lord.


The Happy Righteous


I praise you and bless you for all that you have done for me.

Thank you for coming to die for all of my sins,

forgiving me, past, present, and future,

covering and cleansing me with your blood,

washing away all my filth.

Thank you for your Spirit that dwells within,

clean and pure, with no guile.

When I was silent about my sin,

ashamed, stuffing it all down and away,

my health deteriorated,

and I groaned all day.

Your hand of discipline and displeasure was heavy upon me,

I was always exhausted with no energy to make it through the day.

Thank you for your patience, your grace that drew me.

When I acknowledged my sin to you,

came clean and poured out my heart at your feet,

you forgave everything,

lifting all my guilt and shame.

Lord, I hide myself in you for you are my refuge,

I’m surrounded by your strength, your song, and power.

I praise you for your wise counsel and guidance,

showing me the paths of life and righteousness.

Lord I am willing to learn, let your eye be upon me!

I’ve known the sorrows of being separate from you,

and I trust, lean in, depend on you now,

I praise you for your loving kindness,

your presence surrounding me,

for your love is better than life.

My heart is glad and I rejoice in you O Lord,

may I always be in alignment, be right with you.

I bless you Lord.


Sweet Sleep

Lord of my righteousness,

Answer me, be gracious to me when I call out to you,

you see me, hear me, know me, understand me,

you have always made a way for me,

comforted me when I have cried out to you.

I wait upon you Lord,

with open hands, surrendering my heart.

Grant me grace to be patient

for you to redeem and restore

all my broken pieces.

I know that you have called me,

set me apart for yourself.

Let me be one chosen

to love you, honor you, bring glory to your beautiful Name.

Help me to draw near to you again,

I ask for the fear of the Lord

to cleanse and refresh my heart,

bring crystal clear clarity to my spirit again

to hear your voice, sense your nudges,

to walk in your heartbeat,

let me tremble willingly before your beautiful holiness,

to live with clean hands and a pure heart,

working out my salvation with awe and wonder.

When I put my head down to sleep,

let me still my heart,

and put my mind, my thoughts upon you,

sifting through my day,

repenting, realigning my heart, mind, and soul with you once again.

Help me to do good works that flow from a right heart,

and give me faith, great faith, to trust confidently in you.

Turn your face upon me,

let the light of your countenance bless me.

You’ve infused me with joy,

I’m blessed more than the wealthiest of this world.

With shalom in my heart,

my soul rested in green pastures, still waters,

I lay me down to sleep.

“For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety and confident trust.”


Comfort In The Morning


when I’m overwhelmed and cannot see the light,

when others mock your presence and discourage my trust,

I know that your hand covers me,

that I’m under the darkness and shelter of your wings.

You are my shield and my refuge.

I am nothing, yet Your Spirit and presence within are my glory,

your love cherishes, honors, and values me.

I cry out loud to you,

in wonder that you would receive my words, my voice,

and I weep as you turn your ear,

and answer from your holy mountain.

My sleep is sweet,

Lord you sustain my breath,

I awaken to another day because you sustain me,

you are life itself.

I refuse to be afraid or intimated of my old enemies,

bondages, and evil all around,

Lord I trust you.

Arise, save and deliver me once more!

You confuse my enemies,

they know not their right hand from their left,

you strike their face, shatter their teeth.

You are a defender of the righteous,

protecting and blessing your people.

I praise you Lord,

how beautiful is your salvation,

I bless your Name!


The Lord’s Dominion

Lord God,

I praise you for you are the once and future king,

reigning forever over all your creation.

I rejoice in your perfect, wise rule,

and am glad for your leadership.

Thunderings, lightnings, and emerald rainbows surround you,

your throne is established on righteousness and justice.

Your holy fire goes before you,

striking down your enemies all around,

the highest peaks melt down like candles in your presence.

The skies proclaim your handiwork,

the heavens declare your glory,

that all people throughout all the earth see your beauty and brilliance.

Lord you are God Most High,

there is none second to you

that can ever come close to compare to you.

Above all other gods, you reign.

Help me to know you,

to love you more O Lord,

to despise evil and darkness,

protect me and guard me from the wicked’s schemes.

Sow your light into my heart

and illuminate my path,

let joy spring up from your wells within,

and let my heart delight in your favor and strength.

I rejoice in your blood that cleanses and washes me clean,

and I praise you

remembering your blessed and holy Name today.


Under His Talit


Cover me under the wings of your talit,

let me dwell secure under your presence,

hidden from the eyes of my enemy.

I will rest in the comfort of your shadow,

and praise you for you are my refuge and a banner over me.

You protect me completely with your pinions,

I’m safe under the span of your wings,

they are a shield and wall surrounding me,

impenetrable and sound as your faithfulness to me.

Your command your angels concerning me,

like the sixty mighty men guarding the couch of Solomon,

you protect and guard me,

sending confusion into the camps of the enemy,

causing curses to land back on the head of its sender.

I am lifted up so my feet can walk secure,

crushing the heads of snakes because I trust in you.

I know when I call on you,

you answer me, you rescue me, you honor me,

I love you Lord,

and I praise you and bless you for my salvation.


Kiss The Son


I praise you for your glory, majesty, and sovereign power

over all the heavens and the earth.

Thank you for your comfort and ministry,

even as the nations rage,

and culture roils and rebels

seething against your standards and pleasant boundaries,

I look to you and will not be overwhelmed,

for your scepter rules,

you are the Son of Man, the Son of God,

who has received the ends of the earth as your inheritance.

My hope rests in you alone,

and I long for your once and coming rule.

I will remember that even as the kings of the earth

take their stand and counsel together against you

building towers of Babel, temporal kingdoms and futilities,

you will shatter ungodly oppression, pride, and rebellion

with your rod of iron,

but your staff and hook will lovingly guard and protect

your sheep.

I will take refuge in you,

knowing how blessed I am to know you,

let me worship, revere, and honor you

and serve you with fear and wonder,

and kiss the Son all the days of my life.

I praise you King of kings and Lord of lords,

reign over my life.


Faithful To Guide


I trust you,

thank you for care, guidance, and protection,

thank you that I can come to you with every detail of my day.

I praise you for provision,

wisdom, counsel, connections, resources,

a supply I’m incapable of mustering on my own.

And I thank you that you know exactly what I need,

no more, no less,

in the exact time, place, and measure,

so that I can trust my moments

all I can and cannot control

into your perfect hands.

You are my Sheperd,

you lead me,

you walk with me,

you know me,

God of the universe,

you are my friend.

I’m blessed beyond measure,

and my life is secure,

knowing I am yours and yours always,

carried in your beautiful hands.




Thank you…

that torn down,

stripped bare,

naked and empty,

you hold me,

you value me,

you cherish me,

you love me,

weighty as a pearl of great price

treasured in your hands.

In you alone there’s rest,

I calm and quiet my soul in your presence

and I’m awash with contentment

like a weaned baby from her mother’s milk,

safe and secure once more in your love.

I bless you,

I praise you,

I love you Lord.