Thank you for your plans and thoughts towards me,

for sharing with me your heart and love,

your joy, hope, beauty, and life.

I praise you for the revival of your Spirit,

setting me free,

my family, friends, and community,

your presence amongst us

making us whole,

bringing salvation, healing, and deliverance,

signs, miracles, and wonders

for all to see,

confirming your Word

that Yeshua reigns and is King of kings.

I praise you for the testimonies to come forth,

to go around the world,

lighting a fire,

searing hearts,

making burning ones

single minded,

whole hearted for you.

Open up your heavens,

pour out your Spirit on all flesh,

bring in the harvest of hungry, thirsty, weary, seeking souls

so that they may find rest in you.

Enable, empower, strengthen, inspire us all in love,

riding on the tsunami of your Spirit

to love hard and love well,

to love for your glory and your Name.

You alone are worthy, you are so good.

I bless you Abba.


Spirit Of Life


I praise you for your salvation, healing, and deliverance.

You are my Lord and Savior,

your Spirit of life has set me free —

I’m free from all condemnation, judgement, guilt, and shame.

What I couldn’t do in my skin,

with rules, regulations, prescriptions, and protocols,

dead in my spirit and efforts without you,

you did.

I thank you and praise you for becoming my sin,

and the blood sacrifice for my sin offering forever.

I praise you for subduing, condemning all sin in my flesh,

you have overcome the world,

and put in me fresh strength to live by your Spirit,

guided by your power.

You have granted me access to live by your Spirit,

to set my heart and mind upon your will and purpose.

I praise you for the promise of life and peace,

my wholeness and well-being

as my mind is stayed upon you,

and you teach me to walk with you.

I can’t believe your Spirit dwells within me

to guide and direct me,

making me your precious child.

I’m alive eternally because of your righteousness,

your holiness that dwells within me,

all given as a gift out of your wonderous grace to me.

Just as your Spirit raised you from the dead to life,

you revive me, give me new life, and raise up my mortal body by your Spirit.

Lord, by the power of your Spirit,

grant me strength, enable me

to continually put to death all of my thoughts and behavior

outside of your perfect will that brings blessing, protection, and life.

Lead me that I may be blessed,

and called a daughter of God.

I bless your Name.


New Life


I praise you for establishing me in you,

settling the questions of my identity and worth

once and for all in your love and mercy.

I thank you that though I’m nothing,

I’m utterly loved, beloved,

seen, heard, known, understood,

cherished and valued by you,

the King of the universe,

my Creator, my Friend.

I’m a new creation,

the old has gone and the new has come,

and I praise you for my new life ahead

dreamt and purposed by you,

unfolding in greater blessing and light.

I praise you for breaking sin cycles,

reversing curses and generational trauma,

your promises of healing, restoration, and blessings

now flow through barren ground

bringing new life and growth.

I take refuge under your talit,

I am safe and secure in your ways and counsel,

my steps are sure because you go before me,

my life and future are blessed in you.

Thank you Lord of my deliverance and life.


Healing In Relationships


I thank you that I may approach your throne room of grace,

and that you hear my cries and petitions.

I bless you for your heart for healing and wholeness in relationships,

and I praise you for your precious fellowship,

Father, Son, and Spirit,

three in one, one in three

dwelling in perfect, beautiful unity.

Abba have mercy on my brothers,

restore the sweet intimacy of their brotherhood from youth.

Melt down the walls that have been built up through the years,

cleanse and heal wounds and trauma that were beyond their control.

Soften hearts from unforgiveness, bitterness, and anger,

and remove the distorted filters given by the enemy.

Please save, heal, and deliver them Lord,

out from the spirit of division, oppression, isolation,

pride, deception, unforgiveness, suspicion, and betrayal.

Release repentance upon their hearts,

a spirit of conviction of sins,

and turn their faces to you,

draw them to yourself,

let them see your Son

and receive His sacrifice, forgiveness, and life.

Let them dwell in unity

by the grace of your Spirit,

in one heart, one mind, one spirit,

under the lordship of your Son,

restored, healed, whole, complete.

Place your hedge of protection around them,

release your angels concerning them,

fight the battle that has raged against their brotherhood.

Abba, you always win,

please destroy the enemy and bring your victory here.

Bless these brothers to receive your full compensation

for all the years the locusts have eaten,

and revive this relationship

with your precious mercies, grace, and life.

Thank you Abba.


Prayer For A Friend’s Salvation

Abba Father,

I thank you for my friend’s life,

for sustaining them through their trials and suffering,

for watching over them when they were hurting.

Thank you that you’ve been with them,

cried with them, tenderly watched and care for them

even when they felt utterly alone.

Please bless my friend.

Thank you for softening their heart,

and opening their spirit to acknowledge

there’s something more than this world.

Would you continue to open their eyes,

open their ears,

open and humble their hearts,

so that they may see your Son rightly,

in all His beauty, glory, and tender loving kindness.

Please pour out your Spirit on my friend,

wrap them with your wings of comfort and mercy,

surround them with your grace and blessing,

follow them with your loving kindness

and win them over.

Deluge them with your Spirit and presence,

break them with your love,

and woo their hearts to you.

Please save and deliver them,

let them know their barrenness,

their need for you,

let them know forgiveness for their sins,

from Yeshua,

and salvation in your Son.

Fill them with faith to believe and heal them.

Release the hounds of heaven to pursue them today,

bind every plan or attack of the enemy against them,

remove every thought, pretension, or argument

that places itself against the knowledge of you,

and Abba, be pleased to draw this one into your kingdom.

Save, heal, and deliver my friend,

bring comfort, peace, and rest to their weary soul,

bring compensation for all the enemy has stolen, killed, and destroyed,

and let them know your love,

they they are not alone,

that you are all they’ve ever wanted and needed.

Bless my friend today,

thank you Abba.