The End Of 2020

Photo by Jason Sung on Unsplash.


I praise you for your strong hand,

your outstretched arm

that plucked me out of my race to the grave

and eternity in darkness from you.

You have held me close,

disciplined me in the shelter of your wings,

given me rest in your mighty shadow.

I praise you for your mighty work of redemption,

your quieting and shaking of my soul,

your comfort, healing, and redemption,

your work, power, and spirit

in the quiet turbulence of a soul locked down, locked in.

I praise you for all you’ve done this year,

drawing me closer to you,

gracing me with repentance,

and enabling me to come, bow my knee to your Son,

to know Him as the Way, the Truth, the Light,

King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

Thank you for a year of shaking, healing, and light.

I bless your name.