God’s Joy


Thank you for your kindness and grace,

that your thoughts toward me are a million fold good,

that your love showers upon me like a comet storm.

I praise you for your songs of joy

reverberating throughout the heavens,

drenching me in resonance, life, and delight.

I’m in awe of your love and compassion,

quiet, merciful, gentle, unobstrusive,

making no mention of my past sins.

Your love is all around,

surrounding, embracing,

cleansing and renewing me.

There’s none in the heavens and the earth like you,

nothing, no one that comes close,

no second that even compares.

You are awesome and glorious,

resplendant in your beauty, holiness, and love.

I praise you Abba,

thank you for making me yours.


Invitation Of Love

Photo by Alla Hetman on Unsplash.


I praise you for delivering me from my shame,

from my proving, doing, and covering up,

into your freedom,

my place of worth and belonging,

deeply valued, held precious, and beloved,

resting, being, and exposing all my heart to you.

I praise you for the softness of your Voice,

your Spirit within,

illuminating and bringing your Word to remembrance.

I’m never alone, and you are always for me!

No longer do I need to crumble before the pressures and voices of the rest.

You’ve given me a new spirit,

whole, healed, and able to love,

accepting of my limits and weaknesses,

welcoming connection, interdependence,

giving and receiving of mercy and grace.

I love you Lord,

and I’m thrilled that with you,

I can just be me.

Let me not look far,

but find you in my neighbor, the friend, the next one in need,

to express your love, my gratitude and joy,

and to invite into your circle of acceptance and belonging

with a word, a call, a gift,

just as you have done for me.