Shine Your Light


let me follow your lead,

looking up to you,

face radiant with your beauty and glory,

grant me grace to shine your light,

unhindered now from shame and guilt,

washed, cleansed, made whole by your blood,

your love, redeemed and made new.

I am a city on a hill,

a lampstand that will not be hidden,

let your spirit glow gently through me,

through my skin,

beyond the pleasant boundaries of self,

extending to those you’ve called to yourself,

use me and bless me

to be your blessing to others,

that as they bask in your presence,

my being would point them straight to you,

that in the fellowship of your Spirit,

we would enjoy your love, joy, peace, and blessings,

together, as beloved, pursued, valued, and cherished

children of the Most High God.