New Life


I praise you for establishing me in you,

settling the questions of my identity and worth

once and for all in your love and mercy.

I thank you that though I’m nothing,

I’m utterly loved, beloved,

seen, heard, known, understood,

cherished and valued by you,

the King of the universe,

my Creator, my Friend.

I’m a new creation,

the old has gone and the new has come,

and I praise you for my new life ahead

dreamt and purposed by you,

unfolding in greater blessing and light.

I praise you for breaking sin cycles,

reversing curses and generational trauma,

your promises of healing, restoration, and blessings

now flow through barren ground

bringing new life and growth.

I take refuge under your talit,

I am safe and secure in your ways and counsel,

my steps are sure because you go before me,

my life and future are blessed in you.

Thank you Lord of my deliverance and life.