Lovingly Hemmed In

Photo by Dedu Adrian on Unsplash.

Loving Father,

I look to you, seek you,

and wait upon your hand and guidance.

What I saw as my cage with iron bars,

is your protection and strong hand hemming me in.

Where I feel stuck,

you are working out the deeper things,

your Spirit moving in the hidden places of the heart,

growing, maturing, and strengthening me in ways I don’t yet understand.

When I am angry, frustrated, discouraged, and desperate,

and I finally give up my own willful efforts,

your hand reaches in,

once more bringing comfort and encouragement,

reassuring me that everything is alright.

You’re with me, that’s all I need to know.

I know you plans are to prosper me and not to harm me,

and that you work all things for your glory and my good.

I am blessed and in strong, safe hands.

I love you Abba,



The House That God Built

Photo by Egor Myznik on Unsplash.

My house is a house of prayer,

I build it with strong walls,

boundaried and secure,

with clear limits and defined borders,

I know what belongs inside and out.

There’s no place for thieves here,

who steal, kill, and destroy,

worshipping money at all cost,

in love with the world and its systems.

I laugh at their schemes, and cast them out with my power.

I fill my house with the spirit of prayer and worship,

treasures of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding,

more precious than gold and silver,

with revelation, beauty, and light.

Only life and truth may dwell here.

It is my joy to ready my house to live in,

it is my delight to restore you and dwell with you.

I’m the Master of your house, yield to my ways.

I love you.