I praise you for salvation I never deserved,

I thank you for your love and presence,

your mercy, protection, and continuing companionship,

through the valleys and mountains in my life.

Grant my eyes to look heavenward,

redirect my gaze

whenever its pulled to things passing away.

Let me look forward,

press forward,

casting aside all that I can’t take into eternity,

walking on water,

stepping in faith.

Conform me to your image,

let my life express your loving kindness,

keep me in the eternal now of your presence,

to be a light and fountain of living water

wherever you place me in this world.

Unfurl my fingers from my earthly treasures,

and give me a wise heart for shrewd stewardship

that will bring you glory and further your kingdom, not mine.

Show me how to invest in my heavenly bank,

sharing treasures of love, kindness, goodness, and truth

all around.

Let me never forget

that I may rest all the while in your finished work,

that you are the author and finisher of my faith,

and by your grace I will seek you

and follow you all my days

from this world to the next.

I bless you Lord.


God’s Call

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash.


I praise you that you would use

the very emptiness of my soul

driven wild to find identity, purpose, and meaning in life,

looking for quick fixes in the cotton candy of this world,

and succumbing to disappointment and desperation.

That you would meet me impoverished of spirit,

broken in soul and mind,

shining your love and light

penetrating through my crumbling fortress

the walls I’d placed guarding my emptiness —

the identity I hoarded, needing to fill, define, and fix.

And you came in when you finally enabled me to open my heart,

and I surrendered this most precious pain to you,

and in return… I receive new life,

your Spirit reminding my cells and DNA

who I was created to be all along —

my identity, call, and purpose

infused within from the inside out.

Now I joyfully answer your call,

enabled by the power of your Spirit within,

led and guided by the boundaries of your Word and peace,

a new creation.

Lord that you would use me,

to bring praise and glory to your Name!