Receive The Lord


with all my heart,

I receive you, welcome you

into my heart, mind, soul, and spirit.

I welcome your beautiful presence,

your sweet light, comfort, joy, and peace,

to flood this dwelling place,

please stay and take residence,

be Lord and Master of this heart.

Fill my heart with trust,

strengthen my faith

to cling to your Name,

rising strong in spirit,

knowing my right, my place in you,

I am a child of God.



Give Me Faith


let me choose life,

your Word, your Spirit,

your heart, will, ways, and love

with every step, every breath.

Give me faith

to apply to all that you have done,

to me, my life.

Pour out your Spirit upon me

to understand in every cell of my being

your grace,

that I’m your child,

I’m beloved,

and I’m going to heaven

to be with you forever.

Let me cast all my fears,

all my anxieties upon you,

knowing that you never tire

of me drawing close,

opening my heart.

You promise that you’ll only draw closer.

You are my safe place,

and I bless you and I love you Lord.


With Me


You are so good,

your ways are perfect.

You uphold me by your hand,

you keep me in your shalom.

You make the paths straight before me,

your lovingkindness catches up to me,

you never let me go.

You hem in behind and before,

you walk beside me as Lord, Shepherd, and Friend.

Perfect Love,

you watch over me,

and dwell within me.

Lord, in you I have no lack,

and I will praise you!


How You See Me

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash.


show me how you see me,

you who formed my inmost being,

lovingly crafted my soul and spirit,

my nose, my cheeks, my form,

planting every hair on my head,

breathing me to life,

and sustaining my moment-to-moment existence

with your oversight, guidance, and power.

Show me Lord.

I surrender the outside-in definitions I’ve used,

my family name, my job, my status, how much money I make,

my race, ethnicity, culture, and subcultures,

denominations, doctrines, and beliefs,

other’s expectations and voices over my life,

I surrender it all,

I long to hear and live by your voice alone.

Would you let these labels melt away,

the structures I’ve forced myself into I let go,

and show me how you see me.

Let me live from the inside out,

conformed to your likeness —

Creator, Artist, Poet, and Love,

one with your Spirit,

manifesting your life and joy,

soul, mind, body, and action

in alignment with your Word,

my doing flowing forth from being,

living in accordance with one standard —

already accepted, embraced, loved

exactly as I am, exactly where I’m at,

a cherished child of God.

Thank you Lord for your love and sacrifice

that makes me possible.

I love you Lord.


Bless You Abba

Photo by Santosh Dash on Unsplash.


I thank you for your love,

your Spirit and your power,

planted as a seed

deep within me,

working through the layers,

spirit, soul, and DNA,

breaking through old wineskin,

patterns of sin, generations, culture, and tradition,

and bringing forth new life

from the inside out.

I am a new creation,

you are making, molding, shaping me

in alignment with your love, purposes, and design,

and I find I fit,

no longer a square peg in a world of round holes,

but a key that fits in your heart perfectly

wherever I am, wherever I go,

unlocking your love,

with access to all your lavish blessings from your riches,

because I am a child of God.

I bless you Abba,

my Creator,

my today, eternal, and forever Father.


Known By Life

Photo by Kristine Cinate on Unsplash.


Your love overwhelms me,

I’m amazed that you see me,

your child, your own,

a speck of dust,

standing as a separate entity,

before your glorious presence.

You knew the choices of my father, my father’s father,

and my own, made in sin, would lead me

down paths of heartache and bondage.

Yet that you would appoint me to believe,

grant repentance to me that leads to life,

and open my heart to your Son —

I’m in awe of your mercy.

In the midst of my struggles and brokenness,

you cherish, treasure, and dignify me,

and honor my free will and choice.

Lord, you have loved me with an everlasting love,

I bless you for your salvation,

I praise you for your joyous shouts over my life,

your delight in leaning in and hearing my voice,

and answering the movements of my heart.

I am nothing without you,

you make me everything I was meant to be,

you give me life.

God you are so good,

thank you for knowing you, knowing life!


You Make Me Yours

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.


I bless you for your mercy

that chose me in Messiah.

You plucked this rebellious heart out of the miry clay

and set my feet upon a solid rock.

Your salvation is once and eternal,

wondrous and powerful,

there is no way to freedom outside of your Son.

But even then I thought

to you I’ll come proving my worth and deeds

flexing my own strength,

puffed up and empty in my religious deeds,

Abba, you are long suffering and patient,

so kind to care —

to discipline and chastise those you love.

You pursue me,

break me and remake me,

taking me through the kiln,

I, an orphan, in mistaken identity,

with so much to prove.

You burn away my filthy rags and self righteous deeds

that fool no one but me.

I’m naked and bare

with nothing to bring

but a broken heart.

Your love and delight touch me now,

wretched me,

utterly wounded — lost, confused, and abandoned without you,

and I understand,

your salvation is my miracle every day,

once, today, ongoing, eternal,

just to be yours

an orphan no longer, but your child,

depending on you, leaning on you,

trusting you,

with nothing left to prove,

except that I’ve been redeemed, I’m celebrated, I’m seen.

Thank you,

you are such a good Abba,

salvation, deliverance, and all good things,

come from you alone,

and I bless you with all my heart.