Beloved’s Healing


thank you for your beloved,

who needs your touch today.

Bless this child,

enfold her in the comfort of your healing wings,

your loving embrace,

and breathe upon her your peace.

Fill her with your Spirit and life,

and cast all disease, illness, and pain

far from her,

cursing death and destruction,

with your marvelous light.

Bring alignment and balance to her body,

in accordance to your original design,

strengthen the immune system,

destroy all foreign invaders

and dissolve all things not bringing life.

Cleanse her with your blood,

we plead your Word over her in faith,

that by your stripes she is healed,

entrusting her wholly, fully into your care.

I bless my friend,

and ask you for a miracle.

Heal, deliver, and speak life over her Lord,

we praise you for you are so good,

let the banner of your love be lifted high above her,

and may your victory be established in her life,

far surpassing anything we could ask, think, or imagine…

all for your precious Name’s sake.





I bless you for your blood that covers me,

cleansing me from all my sin,

delivering me from death,

the lamb’s blood painted on the door frame,

the angel of death passing over,

I rest safe and secure,

because of your sacrifice.

I listen in the deep of the night,

their wailing cry of grief rising up,

those embroiled in idolatry,

rebellion against you,

and the fear of the Lord fills my heart,

holy awe at your hand of deliverance.

I praise you for making the way,

for saving me from my captors and enemies.

You alone are God,

great and mighty are you,

worthy of all praise!


Save Me


I ask for your protection,

wrap me in your wings,

hide me under your shadow,

cover me and keep me.

Rebuke my enemies,

send confusion and chaos their way,

frustrate their malicious efforts,

and clear my path

that I will move forward boldly,

unhindered with sure footing.

Rise up and defend me,

avenge me because I’m your own.

Keep my heart and my mind,

focus my gaze on you,

help me to pray for my enemies,

blessing them,

give me an unoffended heart,

trusting in your word,

believing you see me,

your mercy already extended

meeting my cries.

Deepen my faith,

and let me cling to you

and stand firm,

putting all my hope in you.

I praise you Lord

for your salvation and deliverance!


Spirit Of Life


I praise you for your salvation, healing, and deliverance.

You are my Lord and Savior,

your Spirit of life has set me free —

I’m free from all condemnation, judgement, guilt, and shame.

What I couldn’t do in my skin,

with rules, regulations, prescriptions, and protocols,

dead in my spirit and efforts without you,

you did.

I thank you and praise you for becoming my sin,

and the blood sacrifice for my sin offering forever.

I praise you for subduing, condemning all sin in my flesh,

you have overcome the world,

and put in me fresh strength to live by your Spirit,

guided by your power.

You have granted me access to live by your Spirit,

to set my heart and mind upon your will and purpose.

I praise you for the promise of life and peace,

my wholeness and well-being

as my mind is stayed upon you,

and you teach me to walk with you.

I can’t believe your Spirit dwells within me

to guide and direct me,

making me your precious child.

I’m alive eternally because of your righteousness,

your holiness that dwells within me,

all given as a gift out of your wonderous grace to me.

Just as your Spirit raised you from the dead to life,

you revive me, give me new life, and raise up my mortal body by your Spirit.

Lord, by the power of your Spirit,

grant me strength, enable me

to continually put to death all of my thoughts and behavior

outside of your perfect will that brings blessing, protection, and life.

Lead me that I may be blessed,

and called a daughter of God.

I bless your Name.


Beautiful Deliverer


Beautiful Deliverer,

I see your light,

your Word

separates my bone and marrow,

soul and spirit,

the oppression and lies that have clung as truth,

suddenly separate from me

like oil and water,

by your gracious revelation,

I sense your presence

where I’ve been failing,

white knuckling on my own,

and faith refreshes me,

hope relieves me,

you bring me to rest.

Deliver me O Lord,

remove every obstacle

that hinders your love,

return my heart to first love,

fresh, bright, and pure

again and again,

always and always with you.

You are my Savior, my Deliverer,

I bless you Lord.


Deliver Me

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash.


I remember you are kind, loving, and good,

unpredictable and unchanging,

other and intimate.

I cast my cares onto you today,

deliver me from my anxieties that I wear like a coat of brambles,

I shed it off before your feet,

coming with wounds and broken skin,

trusting you will anoint me with your peace — a healing salve.

Deliver me from the fear of man,

from other’s criticisms and quick judgements,

from putting others on a pedestal in your place,

crowding out your voice and mine.

Fill me, rest on my family,

with the fear of the Lord,

and the spirit of wisdom, revelation,

knowledge, understanding,

discernment and insight,

that we may learn, know, obey,

and walk in your ways,

and be blessed.

Take the preeminence in our lives,

be pleased to encamp in our midst,

that all fear, worries, and anxiety,

would melt away in the comfort of your light,

and the shelter of your wings.


You Make Me Yours

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.


I bless you for your mercy

that chose me in Messiah.

You plucked this rebellious heart out of the miry clay

and set my feet upon a solid rock.

Your salvation is once and eternal,

wondrous and powerful,

there is no way to freedom outside of your Son.

But even then I thought

to you I’ll come proving my worth and deeds

flexing my own strength,

puffed up and empty in my religious deeds,

Abba, you are long suffering and patient,

so kind to care —

to discipline and chastise those you love.

You pursue me,

break me and remake me,

taking me through the kiln,

I, an orphan, in mistaken identity,

with so much to prove.

You burn away my filthy rags and self righteous deeds

that fool no one but me.

I’m naked and bare

with nothing to bring

but a broken heart.

Your love and delight touch me now,

wretched me,

utterly wounded — lost, confused, and abandoned without you,

and I understand,

your salvation is my miracle every day,

once, today, ongoing, eternal,

just to be yours

an orphan no longer, but your child,

depending on you, leaning on you,

trusting you,

with nothing left to prove,

except that I’ve been redeemed, I’m celebrated, I’m seen.

Thank you,

you are such a good Abba,

salvation, deliverance, and all good things,

come from you alone,

and I bless you with all my heart.


Sailing Forth

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash.

O Lord,

As in the days of Noah,

people drink, marry, and carry on,

scorners scorn, mockers mock your Name,

even as the nations conspire and the world rages against you,

our cultures and words like the roiling, boiling sea

lashing out in defiance, independence,

rebellion and pride,

your ark of salvation,

filled with loving-kindness, mercy, and grace,

sails on,

indifferent to the rolling waves,

and all the powers that wish to upheave.

I can never thank you enough for reaching out your hand

of gentle mercy and strong deliverance,

bringing me into your covenant of grace

when I was lost, thrashing, and drowning in the world.

You alone are steady, secure, and safe,

the only sure foundation in a world passing away,

a world self destructing by hands no different than mine,

but who have refused your mercy ship,

now it has sailed on.

I praise you for your beautiful vessel of grace that continues forth,

bringing salvation, hope, and deliverance wherever you go,

to all crying out, calling for you,

you are an ever present help,

a safe harbor, a refuge, the only escape.

And all are welcome,

bedraggled, broken, weary sojourners

who now look from worldly, passing away kings

to the King of Kings who reigns eternal.

Together, we press against the oars,

unfurl the sails,

let loose the ropes,

drop anchors,

and throw out buoys,

answering your call,

to reach as many crying out to be saved,

and sailing steadily onward into the horizon

hoping one day, soon,

to sail right through to the other side of sunset,

in hopes of being with you, our Savior and King,

in the presence of your glory and peace,