Sweet Surrender

Photo by Carl Schlabach on Unsplash.


I worship you

God of my surrender,

taking my sticky fears,

washing me with your blood,

granting me a new filter

of love

to see with renewed eyes,

a heart of flesh,

your heart beating in mine,

replacing my stony tablets,

my control

with Spirit and life.

You hear my cries,

untangle me from grasping sins

in a moment,

you hide me under your hand,

deliver me from within,

my shackles loosen without,

my enemies,

now a witness with me,

of your love and mercy,

transforming us both,

healing and making all things,

old things,

right, whole, good,

establishing your truth,

your love,

your light.

You make all things new.

I praise you for your deliverance

and I bless you

precious Lord,

Lord of my salvation.



Photo by zhang kaiyv on Unsplash.


one glance,

of your clear blue eyes

like beckoning waters

sparkling in sun,

one drop

of your presence,

your peace,

lapped up

by the cracks and crevices

of this dry, weary soul,

restores me,

sets me right,

grounds me,

and replenishes me,

for just the next step,

one more.

I praise you for the drop,

the waterfalls,

the trickles,

the rivers and streams,

it is all you,

to faithfully guide me,

discipline me,

bless me,

and lead me straight to you.


Beautiful Salvation

Photo by Alex Stacanov on Unsplash.


I praise your for our Messiah,

who has saved us in mercy into rightful relationship with you.

I praise you that you knew our grief

from the moment of birth,

the loss of our connection to you,

the longing for your love, for things unseen,

for heavenly realms with words lacking to describe,

not knowing what I don’t know,

only feeling utterly lost, alone in a world that lies about you.

And you closed the gap,

sending salvation,

your heart bleeding through your Son,

showing in life, in flesh, in time, on earth,

your glory, beauty, holiness, and love,

witnessed by the world.

I praise you for sending the hounds of heaven

throughout history and time to chase us

down generations and family lines to each individual heart,

the Spirit hovering over all our chaos, rage, and pain,

bringing life,

showing a different way,

lighting the narrow path,

the small, humble steps to your glory and bliss,

rooting us in righteousness,

your hand firmly holding us

that we would no longer be swept away.

I praise you for your mercy, long-suffering, and faithfulness,

your love, and your hand that is mighty to save.

I bless your name, Holy One of Israel,

for bringing salvation to the world,

and seeing me,

a speck in history,

to set apart and make yours.

Thank you Abba, I worship you and love you.

I pray let your glorious light of mercy and truth,

grace and love

shine through me.


Praise To You

Photo by Eva Waardernburg on Unsplash.


I praise you for my breath,

my body, my bones,

that you have chosen to make your dwelling place.

Come into the center of my being,

make your abode in me,

let my heart be pure, my spirit clean,

that you would be comfortable and pleased.

I praise you for the freedom

to submit and choose you,

you who chose and made me,

unique and original,

one voice to join the heavenly symphony of worship to you.

You are beautiful, worthy of all praise,

and I bless you.


So Close

Photo by Michel Paz on Unsplash.

Precious Lord,

that your Spirit would dwell within me,

resting in soft light,

gentle gaze,

gracious words within me,

and bring life, comfort, and healing.

Humble yesterday, today, and forevermore,

to dwell within my body

returning to dust.

I worship you so close,

filled with truth and love,

showing me the path of life.

Let me surrender to your nudging,

your guidance and beckoning daily,

to enjoy your fellowship,

please your Spirit,

and bring glory to your Name.

I bless you Lord.


Enter Into Trust

Photo by Jamie Hagan on Unsplash.


grant me grace,

let me enter into trust,

this leaning in, depending, relying,

resting in you,

acknowledging and expressing my heart honestly to you,

knowing you lean down to hear my voice,

being ok that I don’t know,

but you do,

naming and releasing my fears and anxieties into your hands,

knowing you are my good Sheperd,

remembering you are gentle and humble in heart,

believing you desire my success, my good, my best,

to prosper and not to harm me,

to give me a hope and a future.

Increase my faith in your loving-kindness, your character, your love,

and let me be wholly surrendered,

to walk in your paths of righteousness,

to be aligned with your perfect priorities,

and trust you every step of the way.

Thank you Lord.


Grace To Trust

Photo by Aidan Hodel on Unsplash.


thank you for your grace

that runs like golden oil

down into the crevices of my soul,

through broken faith, weakness, and inability.

Thank you for answering my cry for faith,

letting your gift of trust like healing salve move through,

reviving cells, spiritual DNA, bringing life

where I’ve been barren.

Thank you for letting me remember

that this is what it feels like,

the sweetness of trusting you,

O Lord, O Lord,

grant me grace to trust you more.


Your Mighty Hand


Thank you that you see me,

hear me, understand me.

Thank you that when I get stuck,

in this gray void

of confusion and bewilderment,

your mighty hand,

your outstretched arm find me.

You’re with me,

enveloping me in your peace,

comforting my heart.

And the light of your presence

dissipates the fog,

your joy and cheer

warm my soul, lift my spirit.

My good Shepherd,

your hand hems me in,

your staff points the way,

you strengthen me, enable me

for my next steps

to follow your lead again,

up the mountain tops

down through the valleys,

and my soul is well,

because I am found by you,

you are near

and I hear your voice

so close,

you will never let me go,

I praise you and thank you Lord,


Made Yours

Photo by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash.


I praise you for your nearness and your wonderful comfort,

as I wait upon you and still my soul,

in the midst of the press and darkness within and without,

I still my soul,

and remember your beautiful salvation and deliverance.

I praise you and thank you for the blood of the Lamb,

innocent, perfect, without blemish,

cleansing, covering, purifying me,

my night washed into light

and in your presence,

close to you,

is where I find myself,

where I belong

protected under your shadow,

sheltering under your wings.

I will praise you and bless your Name,

for all is well when I am with you,

and well with my soul,

I’m weaned and comforted as a child,

belonging to you,

I am yours,

and you are mine,

thank you Abba.


Glorious Surrender

Photo by Robert Thiemann on Unsplash.


I come to you wondering at the magical trade

of my broken self for your strength and eternal life.

I’m amazed as you repair my skin,

putting boundaries around my heart,

establishing identity, a sense of self,

worth and treasure in my new wine skin.

I marvel at your Spirit anointing my hands

with power — enabling, fostering, strengthening me,

to do the works you’ve prepared for me.

I’m surprised once again,

that your yoke is a perfect fit for me,

bringing peace, contentment, and fullfillment,

and your burden is light, joyous, and life giving.

I consider once again this surrender,

made glorious by you, Son of Man,

and I choose to believe

that my old self has been crucified in you,

and my body of sin, shame, fear, and guilt no longer live and preside,

but you Lord are within and reigning,

and the life I live in the body,

I live by faith in you, Son of God.

You love me and gave all of yourself for me.

I praise you for this marvelous trade.