First Love


return me to first love,

letting me remember

the joy of my salvation,

your grace and mercy

that drew and broke me,

drenching me with compassion

and loving kindness,

when I’ve done nothing

to deserve your love,

only always, humbly receiving.

I understand now,

it never stopped after salvation,

my need only grows for you,

your light exposing my heart,

your mercy reaching ever deeper depths,

your love ever taking more ground,

making me yours.

Take my heart,

my life, all of me,

and return me to first love,

to love you is what I’m made for.

I bless you Lord.



First Love


thank you for your Spirit

that infuses me with revelation of who you are,

an awareness of your presence,

how real you are.

I am but dust without you,

dry, weary, devoid of life,

and I praise you for saving me to life,

life abundant, eternal in you.

Help me Lord.

Topple the idols in my heart,

sear away the distractions, busyness,

all of my excuses for sin

that all lead to death.

Restore my heart to first love,

that when you come again soon,

I’ll be watching, waiting, looking for you

with clear eyes and spirit, a pure heart,

and my cup will overflow,

my gladness and joy fulfilled

to see you face to face,

taken up in the clouds,

in a blink of an eye,

in the midst of all rejoicing lovers

surrounding the King of kings.

Have your way in me,

enable me by your Spirit and grace

to work out my faith with fear and trembling,

let your perfect love cast out all fear,

loving you in heart and obedience,

going boldly where you lead and call,

standing firm in faith,

faithful to the end

and shining your light.

Make it so Lord,

I bless you.


Love Always


I praise you for the cross,

where I shed my Lazarus mind and sin,

the dry, empty, fragile shell has been broken,

and I see your Spirit dwelling within.

I praise you that every crack, every shattering has forced me

to journey to your cross,

my independence and pride

laid down

piece by difficult piece,

a surrender impossible for my flesh,

but all things are possible with you Lord.

Cracked open, laid bare,

I remember your love

when you first met me,

inviting, embracing, loving,

total unconditional acceptance

that broke me,

and breaks me still,

and I find after a long, wandering path,

lost and barren in the wilderness,

it has been a road back to simply you,

your gentle light, your gracious heart,

your happy love and delighted embrace.

Bedrocks of mercy, overwhelming grace

going far deeper than my lowest lows.

I’m amazed to find you within me,

I have Spirit of power, love, and a sound mind!

Lord, that I’d be a fool once again to follow you

wherever you call, whatever you ask of me to do,

to give all that I am to Love.

You alone are worth it.

You alone are worthy.

Grant me the strength to praise you all my days

into, throughout eternity.


Return To First Love

Photo by Maurits Verschoren on Unsplash.


Help me to return to you,

wholehearted and single-minded,

as I did at first.

Let my heart shine brightly

as I put all my hope in you,

and trust in you,

leaning not on my own understanding.

Forgive me for letting my light grow dim,

where years of waiting and hope deferred,

gave way to disappointment and despair.

You have never changed Lord,

you pursued me from the beginning,

walked with me through deep waters,

you are with me now.

Help me to let go and trust you

that all things that happened and will happen

are within the boundaries of your will and purpose,

knowing you are perfect in love, righteousness, and holiness,

and work all things for my good and for your glory.

Give me the grace to surrender rightly all prayers

once they leave my lips and heart to yours,

trusting in your wisdom

to answer as you please.

Let me treasure you,

knowing you, and being with you above all else,

as you do with me.

Return my heart to first love again,

thank you Lord.