Walking With


Thank you that you’re with me,

in and through

the mountains and valleys,

a constant companion,

my wise and gentle Shepherd,

guiding my steps,

strengthening my heart,

knowing and aware of what’s ahead, behind, all around.

I need not be fearful or anxious,

only just to lean in,

draw close,

trust and follow you.

You who make my paths straight,

and give me courage to do what’s right,

focus to stay on track,

not turning away to the right or left,

and enabling, empowering grace.

All my ways will be steadfast and sure,

because you are with me Lord.

Thank you and I bless you.



His Beautiful Voice


I praise you for your love calling,

pursuing me and winning my trust,

cutting through all the voices, all the noise,

soft, steady, patient, unhurried,

consistent, ever present, never ending,

mysterious, safe, beautiful, and holy

overtaking, overcoming,

like waves of sand on the shore,

your voice like many waters,

drenching me, speaking from the depths within,

cleansing me from the inside out,

assuring me that you are alive within.

Lord, let me see your face,

let me hear your voice,

that my life would be as a drum,

reverberating and echoing

your life, light, truth, and peace,

calling others to your mercy and grace,

that we may enjoy a resting place together

that can only be found in you.

I bless your Name.