Secure In God


thank you,

you get me,

you know me better than I know myself,

through my images,

visages and projections,

covering up,

diverting away from my sin and grime,

you peel it off,

layer by layer,

a gentle scrub,

a piercing cut,

a healing balm

revealing blood-infused life,

new wineskin,

your spirit resurrecting

the dead within.

You’ve got me,

walking, fumbling

in my new identity,

unsure, uncertain,

but following your voice,

messing up,

getting stuck,

dangling in transition,


your Spirit a powerhouse within,

overcoming, rerouting all my failures,

using all my compost for life abundant,

growing and guiding me,

to live free and strong

from the inside out,

your hand upon me,

you’ll never let me go.

I rest secure in you.

Thank you Lord.



Light Of The World


You are the light of the world,

grant me the grace to follow you,

let me never walk in darkness,

but have your light which gives life.

Let my life witness to your light,

let my testimony be valid, true, and pure.

Give me wisdom to know where I came from,

my body from dust,

my soul and spirit from your hand,

and to know where I’m going,

my body to dust,

my soul and spirit returning to you.

Cleanse my eyes, ears, and heart

to not judge by merely human standards,

but like you,

to pass judgement on no one,

but entrust them to your loving hands.

If I do pass judgement,

let it be valid,

coming from your heart and the One who sent you.

Let me say in the world

only what I have heard from your Spirit.

Let me lift you up,

so that I may know you,

and do nothing of myself,

but say only what your Spirit and Word have taught me.

Please help me to do what pleases you,

don’t ever leave me to myself,

and be with me always Lord.

Let me obey what you say,

know the truth,

and be set free.

for when you bring freedom,

I am truly free.

I praise you Son of Man!

Let my life please you and bring you glory.


Spirit Of Life


I praise you for your salvation, healing, and deliverance.

You are my Lord and Savior,

your Spirit of life has set me free —

I’m free from all condemnation, judgement, guilt, and shame.

What I couldn’t do in my skin,

with rules, regulations, prescriptions, and protocols,

dead in my spirit and efforts without you,

you did.

I thank you and praise you for becoming my sin,

and the blood sacrifice for my sin offering forever.

I praise you for subduing, condemning all sin in my flesh,

you have overcome the world,

and put in me fresh strength to live by your Spirit,

guided by your power.

You have granted me access to live by your Spirit,

to set my heart and mind upon your will and purpose.

I praise you for the promise of life and peace,

my wholeness and well-being

as my mind is stayed upon you,

and you teach me to walk with you.

I can’t believe your Spirit dwells within me

to guide and direct me,

making me your precious child.

I’m alive eternally because of your righteousness,

your holiness that dwells within me,

all given as a gift out of your wonderous grace to me.

Just as your Spirit raised you from the dead to life,

you revive me, give me new life, and raise up my mortal body by your Spirit.

Lord, by the power of your Spirit,

grant me strength, enable me

to continually put to death all of my thoughts and behavior

outside of your perfect will that brings blessing, protection, and life.

Lead me that I may be blessed,

and called a daughter of God.

I bless your Name.


The Happy Righteous


I praise you and bless you for all that you have done for me.

Thank you for coming to die for all of my sins,

forgiving me, past, present, and future,

covering and cleansing me with your blood,

washing away all my filth.

Thank you for your Spirit that dwells within,

clean and pure, with no guile.

When I was silent about my sin,

ashamed, stuffing it all down and away,

my health deteriorated,

and I groaned all day.

Your hand of discipline and displeasure was heavy upon me,

I was always exhausted with no energy to make it through the day.

Thank you for your patience, your grace that drew me.

When I acknowledged my sin to you,

came clean and poured out my heart at your feet,

you forgave everything,

lifting all my guilt and shame.

Lord, I hide myself in you for you are my refuge,

I’m surrounded by your strength, your song, and power.

I praise you for your wise counsel and guidance,

showing me the paths of life and righteousness.

Lord I am willing to learn, let your eye be upon me!

I’ve known the sorrows of being separate from you,

and I trust, lean in, depend on you now,

I praise you for your loving kindness,

your presence surrounding me,

for your love is better than life.

My heart is glad and I rejoice in you O Lord,

may I always be in alignment, be right with you.

I bless you Lord.




I praise you for your forgiveness,

for cleansing me of all of my sins,

generations past and generations forth,

you have taken away the stain of sin and shame,

and proclaimed my innocence

in the courtrooms of heaven.

You sent your Son to stand in my place,

receive my judgement,

and die for me.

And in return,

trading places,

I receive His pure, spotless, eternal life

being with you forever.

His blood speaks a better word,

every moment, every day,

and I praise you that no earthly,

worldly judgement can stand in the way.

You are the the beginning and the end,

your Word will never pass away,

and I am sealed by your Spirit,

stamped innocent and free,

forgiven, loved, and blessed

today and for the rest of eternity.

I bless you God,



Photo by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden on Unsplash.


you are kind and good,

my Friend and Brother

who loves me

and loves me still.

Thank you for showing me the bedrock of my shame,

my propensity to punish myself,

compensate, cover up, and strive,

holding onto reputation and my image,

a variety to choose from,

the right face for the right crowd…

when I’ve isolated so much

that no one is watching anymore,

and I’m invisible, even to myself.

I surrender Lord.

I see the fallacy of being my own judge,

utterly incapable, inept at salvaging my life,

or ever leading my life without you.

I surrender all to you.

Tender God,

loving and gracious in your gaze,

that you’d show me your mercy

where I thought I could never receive,

set me free from a past

that clung to the marrow of my bones.

I’m free,

freed by your mercy,

you the only One who can forgive my sin,

and I’m in awe of the oceans of your peace

that separate me from shame and guilt,

set free for your call,

an abundant life blessed with your goodness,

now no one’s slave,

least of all my own,

a bondservant of the Most High God alone.

I bless you Lord,

and will praise you all my days.


Praise To You

Photo by Eva Waardernburg on Unsplash.


I praise you for my breath,

my body, my bones,

that you have chosen to make your dwelling place.

Come into the center of my being,

make your abode in me,

let my heart be pure, my spirit clean,

that you would be comfortable and pleased.

I praise you for the freedom

to submit and choose you,

you who chose and made me,

unique and original,

one voice to join the heavenly symphony of worship to you.

You are beautiful, worthy of all praise,

and I bless you.


Made Yours

Photo by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash.


I praise you for your nearness and your wonderful comfort,

as I wait upon you and still my soul,

in the midst of the press and darkness within and without,

I still my soul,

and remember your beautiful salvation and deliverance.

I praise you and thank you for the blood of the Lamb,

innocent, perfect, without blemish,

cleansing, covering, purifying me,

my night washed into light

and in your presence,

close to you,

is where I find myself,

where I belong

protected under your shadow,

sheltering under your wings.

I will praise you and bless your Name,

for all is well when I am with you,

and well with my soul,

I’m weaned and comforted as a child,

belonging to you,

I am yours,

and you are mine,

thank you Abba.


My Soul Is Well

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash.


I come before you,

seeking you,

with prayers that can’t find words from my spirit,

I still my heart before you,

waiting for your presence,

listening for your wind,

and suddenly your sweet presence comes,

lifting my head,

your beauty arrests me

with colors vivid and verdant in your creation,

the sun warm and happy on my skin,

your peace settles upon me again,

that all is well and good will always triumph.

For you are on your throne today,

yesterday and forevermore.

I love you and put my trust in you O Lord.


Glad In Love

Photo by Kent Pilcher on Unsplash.


I praise you for your love,

your exuberant, exhilarating delight,

your lively, happy, captivating joy,

so close, so intimate,

and yet utterly holy, wild, unknown.

You are an all-consuming fire,

cleansing, burning, refining away

all that hinders your love,

and your love always wins.

Patient, kind, and long-suffering,

you always wait for my stumbling steps,

and cherish my willing, bumbling heart,

and you give me time and space,


in every stage,

in all my imperfections.

Your love sets me free,

to follow you,

to dance with your Word,

to obey and love you back,

I delight in your love,

your joy in me is my strength.

I bless you and love you Lord,