Love Is The Goal

Photo by Nils Rasmusson on Unsplash.


I praise you for new beginnings,

where love is the goal,

loving you by bringing all of me,

exposing every piece of me to your grace

and your unending waves of mercy and kindness

breaking over me…

enabling me to rise again and again,

to see by your Spirit through the eyes of my heart,

cleansed continually of sin, wounds, and lies,

now open to the beauty in others,

that you’ve placed as a treasure to seek.

I bless you as you call me forth,

realizing now I never had to be perfect to answer,

and I rise from a long, barren wilderness,

leaning on you, my Beloved,

forgetting what is behind,

and pressing on towards the goal of heavenly love,

sweet intimacy with you Lord.

I love you,



You Are My Goal

Photo by Ansgar Scheffold on Unsplash.

Precious Lord,

My success is you,

knowing you, walking with you,

being with you, loving you.

Because you are God,

you are loving kindness,

gentleness, meekness,

mercy, forgiveness,

wisdom and comfort.

You are guileless,

holy and pure,

perfect in compassion,

glorious in generous grace.

With you, in you,

my knots and kinks dissolve,

my mind an heart come to rest,

and you make your path known,

enabling my next best step.

So this year, I seek you,

my Lord and King over all.