Sweet Surrender


I bless you for your call to yourself,

that you chose me and delivered me,

giving your life to purchase mine

and calling me to surrender

all to you,

into your perfect hands.

Your wooing has won my trust

again and again,

that you are good,

your lovingkindness goes before me,

pursues me, hems me in,

and your discipline brings forth fruit.

I bless you for the crushing and breaking,

you do not ask me to follow

where you haven’t gone before,

and I thank you that you do what I can’t do for myself,

and pour out grace for my heart to say yes to you.

I cherish your spirit within me,

your voice like waters that speaks and comforts,

and I will surrender, submit, and follow you,

and be blessed all my days.

I love you and praise you O Lord.


God’s Life And Call

Photo by Ana Frantz on Unsplash.


I praise you for your sacrifice and death

for me,

I praise you for your glorified life

for me,

Resurrected, strong, vibrant,

your precious Spirit, a gift,

dwelling within me.

You have given life to dry bones,

restored my call and purpose,

you bring me into alignment with your ways,

a careful and beautiful Shepherd,

leading me to the path of life

from my heart’s motivations and pleas,

to my steps navigating this world.

You are my Lord,

and I praise you for lordship and reign

over all my life.


The Highest Call

Photo by Joshua Sortino on Unsplash.


Thank you that you’ve set me free,

removed the yokes and burdens upon my mind,

to walk in hand-in-hand with you,

and simply be me,

not pastor, not full-time missionary,

only my Creator’s reflection,

brimming with mercy deeper than my sin,

made new through death,

and resurrected —

my new life your creation,

and from created to create

expressions of your heart,

gratitude for your mercy, your kindness, your love,

words for your glory, your power, your majesty, your strength,

creating with my Lord

walking in the garden with you…

oh my heart’s bliss,

I praise you for your call,

Enable, empower, motivate me

to fulfill your your purposes for my life,

the works you’ve prepared my hands to do,

grant me a whole and complete understanding

of your will that I may walk right and upright all my days,

but more that I may just walk with you,

and know you.

I love you Lord.