He Raises Up


I praise you for your perfect love, absolute goodness,

and beautiful justice.

I thank you for your promises

to pour out living waters upon those who are thirsty,

making streams in dry ground,

pouring out your Spirit on all your people,

and blessing the generations.

I praise you that those made righteous in you

will spring up like new plants,

sprouts thriving by clear waters.

We are yours Lord,

thank you for sealing us with the Spirit,

your Name is ever on our minds,

written on our hands.

You are the First and the Last,

there is no God besides,

none to compare, no second to you.

I won’t be afraid or anxious for the storms to come,

for you have long proclaimed and declared it.

Thank you that I may be your witness

now and forevermore,

worshipping you my Rock and my Redeemer.

I bless you Lord.





In your presence,

in your hands,

I am safe, cared for, loved.

I thank you for your plans and thoughts

that you have for me,

I know they are plans for peace and my well-being,

not for disaster,

you are good through and through,

and I trust you,

you protect and guard over my life,

longing for your best for me.

I thank you that your plans are to give me a future and hope,

to restore all the years the locusts have eaten,

to pour out mercy and grace over past failures and shame,

to bring compensation for all the enemy has stolen, killed, and destroyed,

you bring strength and life to my heart.

I call on you Lord,

for your lovingkindness, generosity, and graciousness has won me over.

I come and pray to you,

knowing you hear my voice

and that you bend down from heaven,

tilting your ear to listen to me.

Your presence stirs deep longing in my heart for you, for eternity,

and I seek you, I need you,

you are my life, you are my everything,

and I will never stop searching for you with all my heart

because you promise to be found by me.

Lord, as your Word comes to pass in my life,

you will restore my fortunes and set me free

and all my generations coming forth,

and I will stand in your promises,

in the land you have given to me,

you will bring me back home.

I love you, bless you, and thank you Lord.

You alone are God, and worthy of all praise.


Planted In His Promise


Thank you for where you’ve planted me

in rich soil where I will grow.

You’ve hemmed me in, cornered me,

and though I’ve fought to flee,

you’ve stayed me.

I praise you for rooting me in you,

upturning, upheaving the environment around,

repotting, replanting me

so that I would take root,

caring for me in transition,

that my roots may grow deeper still

in the promised land you’ve brought me to.

Thank you for the community

you are raising up and nurturing around me,

wise, beautiful, loving, supportive souls

that know your hand and pruning,

speaking truth and life,

rising to the Son.

I never believed the place I was running from,

would be the place of your restoration —

hidden dreams and promises to be birthed,

but I believe now,

and repent of doubting your love,

and praise you for your lovingkindness

that has met me time and time again when I’ve run.

I surrender all to you Lord,

and I trust you.

You work all things for good and for your glory.

I bless you Lord.