Draw me close,

keep me near,

give me a soft heart,

a listening ear,

so that I may hear your call,

know your voice,

and walk in your ways.

Silence all distractions,

quiet my mind,

still my soul,

that I may sense your presence

once more.

Your Spirit blows where it pleases,

let me move only with you,

please don’t let me go.



A Word


I bless you,

your still, small voice

soothes, calms, and settles,

bringing your peace and comfort

in the midst of my heart.

One word from you

dispels the anxious clamor pressing in,

melts down paralyzing fear,

heals tormenting pain.

Your word is beautiful Truth,

a way forward,

a light unto my path.

You are my Savior, Healer, and Deliverer,

King over all, humble Servant,

my Good Shepherd,

I praise you for ever revealing yourself,

ever making yourself known to me.

Thank you Lord.


One Voice


I long to heed you,

follow your voice,

be in your peace,

assured of your presence

and blessed.

Help me Lord,

cast these voices that whisper in my ears,

confusing, tormenting,

insidious gargoyles,

as far as the east is from the west,

far, far away from me.

Clear my mind,

cleanse my thoughts,

revive my heart,

refresh my spirit.

Let me hear your voice,

love and obey your Word,

and walk in the path of your presence

and blessing,

all the days of my life.

I bless you Lord.


Father’s Heart


thank you for your words of life,

your strength, comfort, and encouragement.

Thank you for you still, small,

ever present voice,

deep as the ocean swells,

buoying my heart up

in the midst of the storms

and rain of accusations.

I still my heart to hear you,

to wrap my heart around your words alone.

Thank you that in Messiah,

I am enough,

I have everything I need in you,

and that your father’s heart

is proud of your daughter

where I can only see failure and regret.

You only ever beckon me forward,

to press in to your promises,

leaning into your love,

your leading and grace,

through the dark resistant clouds,

your love,

your presence with me

always makes a way.

You are my eternal Father,

let me only believe more

in the riches of your love, mercy, and grace.

I love you Abba.


The King’s Love

Photo by Andre Unger on Unsplash.


I’m amazed at the gentle grace of your gaze

that sees everything and is still so kind,

that accepts in me what I abhor,

filtering all with merciful hope,

trusting and believing,

seeing me far beyond my limited scope.

With no condemnation, judgement, or anger,

ever careful and attentive, never dismissive,

recognizing me, seeing me,

picking me out in the crowd,

my demeanor, face, and carriage,

my voice, my heart, my breath

deeply, intimately known, followed,

made by you.

You know me,

you know your sheep,

and you would have me know your voice.

Help me to hear and trust your voice,

amongst others that clamor, push,

demand, and persuade,

yours alone is pure as a bell,

sweet, unhurried as zephyrs over waters,

peaceable, gentle, joyful, and kind.

Can you truly be so good?

Utterly genuine with no guile,

so kind and gracious,

leaving me defenseless,

arrested, and humbled,

that your love is utterly foreign,

beyond my understanding,

holy, other, beautiful.

I’m amazed at the goodness of your love,

and I praise you in gratitude

for making me, knowing me, loving me today.


The Voice Of Love

Photo by Joshua Earle on Unsplash.


I praise you for your Spirit that dwells within me,

the Voice that speaks

in a cadence and tune different from the world,

loving, comforting, sustaining, strengthening from within,

always for me, not against me,

bringing nurture, revelation, wisdom, understanding, and insight

to the nuances of of my knit,

how I function, who you made and created me to be,

who I am and who I am not.

I praise you that your Voice and love

cleanse, heal, and inhabit now what was the void within,

filled by the voices and demands

of broken family, broken cultures,

broken institutions, systems, and religions,

the world’s clamor, frenzy, trauma, and chaos,

the deception of the father of lies who owns it all.

I’m no longer swept away, trampled, manipulated, and disappointed,

because your Voice, your Word, your Spirit are my anchor within.

So let me hear your Voice,

your quiet, powerful whisper,

that leads me through my day,

gives life to my heart,

and establishes pleasant, safe boundaries around me.

Make me perfectly aligned with your love

grant me your eyes, ears, and heart

that affirms, values, gives priceless worth to my being in Messiah.

And I will joyfully, creatively, worshipfully live

to honor, bless, and love you.

I love you Lord.