A Beautiful Yoke


I praise you for leaving your throne,

the heavens that are your home

dwelling in beloved unity with the Father and Spirit,

to come down and save the world.

Thank you for your heart,

open, exposed, vulnerable,

loving as only the Son of God,

Son of Man can love

in mercy, truth, grace, and power,

holy, right, and true,

never looking away or holding back.

You are the Messiah,

promised through the Jewish people

to be the Savior of the whole world.

I praise you that you made the way,

reached down for me,

washed me clean by your blood

to be able to approach you

and come near to you.

Thank you that you are approachable,

gentle and humble in heart,

and your yoke is easy and burden light.

I praise you for breaking

the heavy, oppressive yoke of the world upon my back,

filling me with dread and anxiety,

draining life.

Let it be so Lord,

that your joy would forever be my strength,

that my food would be to do your will,

and that I would discern and delight

to do the work you’ve prepared in advance for me to do.

and accomplish your work,

to shine your light,

to be a conduit of your blessing.

I praise you for life abundant in you.

I bless you Lord.



A Witness


I praise you that you look at the heart,

and not outward appearances.

I thank you for your gaze

that penetrates, sifts up, discerns…

and has love and compassion.

You so loved the world

that you gave your one and only Son

that whoever believes in Him will not perish

but have eternal life.

Grant me your heart and your eyes

to see a hurting world

through the walls, discord, anger, and sin,

the poor in spirit

that your Spirit hovers over,

and calls blessed.

Replenish me with your Spirit

to love from your wells of living water.

Grant me your passion and mercy

to embrace those in pain and suffering,

your strength to not turn away.

Use my hands, my heart, and my life

to be your blessing to whoever and wherever

you’d send me.

Let me witness

and find the kingdom of heaven

in lives touched

and hearts transformed,

by you.

Show me where you are moving Abba,

so that I may place my hand in yours,

and do what you do.

I love you.


Blessed Work


You hear my voice in the morning,

and I watch and wait upon you to answer me,

give me grace to still my heart and quiet my mind,

that your soft nudges, your gentle presence,

and your sweet impressions,

would find rest in me.

Fill me with strength for the day,

let my spirit be strong,

filled with faith, hope, and love,

bold, confident, courageous in you,

give health to my bones, body, and muscles,

to sustain the work you’ve given my hands to do.

Don’t let me forget that it’s with you that I labor,

keep me from overwhelm, independence,

and building my small towers of Babel,

let me remember that you’re always with me,

your presence sustains me,

your wisdom guides me,

and that I’m never alone.

There’s work to do for your kingdom,

and I praise you for your joy that is my strength.

I bless you in my work and in my rest,

you alone are worthy.


Joyful Work


thank you for having extended your scepter,

in the form of my Lord’s execution stake and your blood,

to allow me to enter into your presence,

your grace, mercy, and love

with complete freedom,

my old self crucified, dead, and hidden in Messiah,

and resurrected with His beautiful life.

I praise you for the garments of righteousness,

put upon my shoulders,

the newfound purity, wholeness, and cleansing

making my heart sing praise,

and the love you have put in me for your Son.

Let me learn your ways Lord,

to examine you moving throughout history,

resurrecting your beloved land and people,

and working in the harvest fields

that I may partner with you

taking your yoke which is easy,

and sharing your burden which is light.

I pray above all just to know the joy of being with you,

invited into the garden of your heart,

knowing your purposes, your desires, your ways,

and living this life to the next honoring you.

I bless you Lord.


His Beautiful Work


I love you and thank you with all that I am,

I’ll praise you even as idols and false gods demand

my attention and heart,

I worship you in spirit and in truth,

and thank you for kindness and goodness,

You have revealed yourself and your Word to me,

when I cry out to you, whisper to you in my heart,

You answer me.

Your presence, your Spirit, your word

refreshes, restores, and makes me strong and confident

to face life head on again.

Lord, all of your promises will be fulfilled,

and the world will bend their knees and heads will bow,

praising and thanking you for your faithfulness.

Your beauty and glory will be seen around the world,

and praise from all tongues, tribes, and nations

will waft up from this blue pebble to the your throne room in heaven.

Lord, you are great and awesome and mighty,

yet you would kneel down and welcome the broken,

insignificant, and lowly.

You stay distant from those elevated in their eyes.

Even though I walk through challenges and struggles,

you’re with me every step,

guiding me oases of your rest and peace,

your hand covers me

pushing back the hideous wrath of my enemies,

you always save and deliver me.

I praise you that you will have your way in me,

your lovingkindness, mercy, and grace are forever and more,

I bless the works of your beautiful hands.


Beautiful Work


I praise you for beautiful work.

Let my hands be blessed

to do the work you’ve prepared for me.

Reinvigorate my spirit, soul, and body for labor

sharing my yoke and burdens with the Lord,

knowing His wisdom and counsel,

His pace and strength,

His joy and margins.

Let your light shine from within me,

my tongue cleansed of complaining and grumbling,

my heart pure, sincere, and generous,

my body and mind healthy and strong to serve.

Provide for me discernment and faith,

alert to the movement of your Spirit around me,

and grant divine appointments,

a word, an action, moments, and prayers

to be your hands and feet in this world.

Drench and deluge my heart with your desires and directives,

enable me by your power

to fulfill every good purpose of yours

and every action

stemming from absolute trust and confidence

in your power, wisdom, and goodness.

Bless me to be a blessing Lord,

so that your beauty and light will shine,

and your magnificent Name glorified in this world.