Sweet Sleep

Lord of my righteousness,

Answer me, be gracious to me when I call out to you,

you see me, hear me, know me, understand me,

you have always made a way for me,

comforted me when I have cried out to you.

I wait upon you Lord,

with open hands, surrendering my heart.

Grant me grace to be patient

for you to redeem and restore

all my broken pieces.

I know that you have called me,

set me apart for yourself.

Let me be one chosen

to love you, honor you, bring glory to your beautiful Name.

Help me to draw near to you again,

I ask for the fear of the Lord

to cleanse and refresh my heart,

bring crystal clear clarity to my spirit again

to hear your voice, sense your nudges,

to walk in your heartbeat,

let me tremble willingly before your beautiful holiness,

to live with clean hands and a pure heart,

working out my salvation with awe and wonder.

When I put my head down to sleep,

let me still my heart,

and put my mind, my thoughts upon you,

sifting through my day,

repenting, realigning my heart, mind, and soul with you once again.

Help me to do good works that flow from a right heart,

and give me faith, great faith, to trust confidently in you.

Turn your face upon me,

let the light of your countenance bless me.

You’ve infused me with joy,

I’m blessed more than the wealthiest of this world.

With shalom in my heart,

my soul rested in green pastures, still waters,

I lay me down to sleep.

“For You alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety and confident trust.”