I praise you,

thank you for the Jewish people

through whom you have given the world

our Messiah.

Bless them today

in their coming and going,

let your lovingkindness overtake them,

and make your goodness known,

reveal yourself personally, powerfully to each and every one.

Bring healing from generations of trauma,

comfort, love, healing hands and words

for those who have lost,

and silently bear such grief.

Protect your chosen people,

deliver them from their enemies,

raise up friends, allies, intercessors

that they would never stand alone.

We praise you for their lives,

the gifts andd blessings

they have shared with the world,

reflections of you, our God.

Bless and comfort them today.

Thank you Abba,



Light Of My Path

Photo by Andres F. Uran on Unsplash.


You call and I step out,

I trust and you provide,

you’re faithful and you sustain me.

I light the lamp of my heart with the oil of your presence,

your Spirit, a flame within me.

I praise you with a thankful heart,

the sweet incense of joy mingled with your presence.

My spirit soars as I give you all the glory,

remembering your lovingkindness, care, and grace

overtaking me, overwhelming me,

going before me,

to light this path of life

into all eternity.


The Light Has Overcome

Photo by Vivek Karthikeyan on Unsplash.


I remember you,

in the midst of my darkness, pain, and grief,

you are the eternal flame that will never go out.

As I draw near to you,

your light scatters the shadows,

breaks up the darkness,

and the comfort of your warmth,

your life, and your presence fills me.

Son of God, Son of Man,

you sustain me with your breath,

your Word, and your oil of gladness drips down my head.

You’ve anointed me and sealed me by your Spirit.

With you and in you Yeshua,

Light of the world,

I’m more than a conqueror

because you have overcome the world.