Perfecter Of Your Faith

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash.


I bless your light shining within me,

covering, healing, cleansing, transforming

the wounded places inside.

Fractures and brokenness that had filled me with shame,

now glow with your mercy, loving kindness, and grace.

I’m humbled by your goodness

and your acceptance of what I despised,

my unacceptable, unworthy parts,

and I find my darkness and light,

my shadows and good,

are all embraced by you.

Every piece of me is

your desire, your dream,

your redemption, your inheritance,

transformed, resurrected by your Spirit and fire.

I come knowing I’m embraced, accepted,

worthy exactly as I am,

shadow and light,

you welcome all of me,

every piece and part of me

bought and paid for at the highest price,

Your resurrection power has been working all along

redeeming, pruning, loving me into oneness with your Son,

your love and glory shining through my weakness and dependence,

I praise you for your glory within,

for your dream hidden in me,

redeemed by your Son.

Thank you Abba for your good work in me.


God With You

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash.

I bless you O God,

King of the universe,

the one true judge,

in my grief,

when the way is dark,

I bless your name,

remembering that your glory shines

high above the heavens,

and that your light will break through

the heavy clouds overhead,

I bless you O God

for your presence with me,

sweet comfort alongside my mourning,

hope guiding through pain,

strength covering my weakness,

your love finding me in my darkest moments,

and transforming me through grace.

I bless your precious name,


Let Me See Your Face

Photo by Nong Vang on Unsplash.

Precious Lord,

Made by your hands,

Spirit unto spirit

you call me forth

like Lazarus from the grave,

your light shining from within

piercing through,

crumbling away

the mask I’ve worn

that I thought was my face

to the world

to hide and escape,

you break through from within,

giving courage, warmth, and grace

making it safe

to be human again

and to show my true face,

I bless you Lord.


He’s With You

Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

Your comfort is warm,

Your presence is stable,

Your right hand is upon my back,

Your left hand points forward to my next little step.

I can settle into today,

feeling my feet on the ground,

knowing your presence surrounds me,

and your pleasant boundaries protect me,

your wings shield me from the chaos around,

so I won’t be overwhelmed.

I will walk confidently, trusting in you

gazing straight ahead,

and giving careful thought to my path with you,

You are my rock, make my spirit steadfast,

so I will look neither to the right or left,

following you alone,

please keep my feet from evil oh Lord,

and let me walk in your ways,

so that I will be blessed.

Thank you Abba,


Love Infusion

Photo by Steven Erixon on Unsplash

Abba Father

my body will return to dust

my striving dissipate in the wind

my life pass as billions before

why am I here Lord?

I exist to know you God

to be loved and love eternally

to know your power holding my cells together

Your Spirit guiding my steps

to paths of love leading into forever

dwelling in your presence

spending all eternity

wondering, learning, in awe of your love

no heights, depths, widths or lengths can contain you

Grip my life, my heart now

enable me, infuse me with your love

to reflect your glory in broken vessel

unapologetic and bold

my life laid down

for yours lifted up

I bless your eternal Name


Be Free In Him

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash

Precious Lord

You are true, devoted and good

drawing me by grace

to let go and surrender

the idols and shame I cling to

that deceive my heart

to do works that leave me empty

but Your Truth

embodied in beautiful You,

Son of God, Son of man

Perfect in holy love

gently exposes, cleanses and heals me

unraveling anxiety and spinning wheels

bringing me to stillness in trust

so I come and rest

in Your acceptance, love and peace

Fill me once again

with Your delight over my soul

so that I can only respond

in grateful praise to You

You alone are worthy of all my life and worship