I Need You Spirit

Precious Spirit,

fill me up once more,

indwell me,

empower me,

refresh me,

renew me,

penetrate every cell of my body,

my heart, my mind, my soul,

all that I am,

to walk in the Spirit of Torah,

your heart, your character, your ways.

I cannot do it on my own,

I fail miserably without you,

and I need you Spirit

to live the life my Lord died for me to have.

Help me to kill the things of my flesh,

to choose life,

not death,

so that your light may shine

in and through this life you’ve bought.

Align my heart, my words, my actions

with you Holy Spirit,

take over, take control,

and have your way in me.

I praise you and bless you.



Where The Spirit Goes


you have set me free,

broken the chains,

released the fetters,

sin and death no longer have a hold on me.

I cling to you,

your Spirit a power, a force,

holy personality moving me forward,

your Word a light,

piercing through the darkness,

beckoning me to come…

be bold, courageous,

have faith.

I’m needing you more

than ever before,

all the way to forever,

please don’t ever let me go.

Let me not shrink back any longer,

but jump on this wild ride,

my heart and life,

sails for your Spirit to fill

wherever, to whomever, you may please.

Bless me, use me,

I say yes and surrender my life to you,

all for your glory.

I praise you Lord.


Beloved Spirit


let me know you rightly,

acknowledging your presence,

personality, directives, feelings, and counsel.

Heighten my awareness

of your thoughts, your perspectives,

the priorities that press for you.

Make me walk in step with you,

sensitive to your nudges,

walking in your rhythm and pace,

moving with you in your suddenlies

when you bring change,

resting in you in the waiting.

Transform me by your power,

fill me, overtake me,

change my heart,

renew my mind,

make me wholly yours.

Into my flesh and resistance

I invite you,

asking you to win despite myself.

Thank you for your presence

dwelling inside me,

with me always.

Let me not offend you,

when I do,

help me to quickly make things right.

I pray to love you,

walk with you,

bless and honor you Spirit.


So Close

Photo by Michel Paz on Unsplash.

Precious Lord,

that your Spirit would dwell within me,

resting in soft light,

gentle gaze,

gracious words within me,

and bring life, comfort, and healing.

Humble yesterday, today, and forevermore,

to dwell within my body

returning to dust.

I worship you so close,

filled with truth and love,

showing me the path of life.

Let me surrender to your nudging,

your guidance and beckoning daily,

to enjoy your fellowship,

please your Spirit,

and bring glory to your Name.

I bless you Lord.


Spirit Of Life

Photo by Rainer Gelhot on Unsplash.


You model the feminine spirit for me.

Restraint and control,

a force to be reckoned with.

Soft, gentle, and meek

to break bars of iron.

Fierce empathy, compassion, and mercy

to cover the weak and protect the vulnerable.

Quick to follow, able to lead,

standing firm in paths of righteousness and truth.

Powerful, subtle, wild, true,

Spirit you are a mystery,

as soft as pure, silken waters

and baby’s breath,

as unknowable and terrifying as black ocean swells

and lightning storms, tornados brewing.

You’re woven into me now,

resurrecting this dead soul to life.

Awaken every part of me,

to your intimate revelation and knowing,

your gentle whispers of comfort and counsel,

and your words of life.

I love you Spirit.