Memorial Day

Photo by Debby Ledet on Unsplash.


We honor those who have served our country well,

soldiers — family, friends, and neighbors,

whose lives reflect your heart of service, courage, and devotion,

whose deaths reflect your love and sacrifice.

We remember and honor their lives,

we thank you for their strength and love,

and we will not forget that freedom comes at a high price.

Blood was shed for us,

to enjoy freedoms beyond what any generation has experienced,

and a stability, prosperity, and abundance

that has been the desire and envy of nations.

We bless the lives lost for our protection, safety, and the freedom to choose,

and the families who have had to let go and sacrificed for us too.

I praise you Lord that you are close to the broken-hearted,

that you bless the poor in spirit, those who mourn,

where there is trauma, grief, and pain,

wounds and scars in fellow soldiers and loved ones left behind,

passed down through generations,

be close, bring comfort, healing, and deliverance,

release laborers and angels to minister to their hearts in a special way,

that there may be closure, seeds of hope planted,

strength and joy renewed, and shalom peace reestablished.

We love you Lord,

wrapping our hearts around your sacrifice,

remembering you journeyed through death,

as the Son of God,

and in your beautiful resurrection,

you will come, wipe away every tear, bring nations to peace,

and make all things right.

We bless you Lord.