Hope In The New


thank you for seasons passed,

your love that called,

your hand that carried me,

your wisdom that brought forth gold

from all of life being lived,

the hard, the painful, and the good,

your power restores, redeems all things.

Because of you,

I cherish hope for what’s in store.

In between,

yesterday and tomorrow,

here and now,

you are with me,

in every step

my past being redeemed,

my future being built,

on the sure foundations of your love,

mercy, and grace.

I embrace another new beginning,

reminded of your grace

that makes all things new,

again and every moment,

and I move forward boldly

because you are with me,

you are my Lord and my God,

and those who wait upon you,

will never be put to shame.

I bless you Lord.




Photo by Devashish Raman on Unsplash.


You are the lifter of my head,

washing away all my regrets,

pouring out fresh mercies.

You grant new beginnings,

and bestow hope and life.

Your presence heals all wounds,

comforts, cleanses, and restores.

You resurrect old dreams and desires,

and purify my heart.

You set me on a new path,

a new creation

sealed by your Spirit,

moving forward with no strings attached,

utterly free, heart, mind, and soul, in you.

Delighted and awed

to be chosen by the King of kings of kings,

who is gentle, humble, and beautiful,

who is with me,

who will never let me go.



Photo by Ali Abdul Rahman on Unsplash.


I praise you for the finished work of your Son.

Thank you for our King, Prophet, and great High Priest —

knowing you, knowing me,

having passed through this life,

with fragile skin,

as human as I am,

but without sin.

Thank you for intimately knowing and understanding my weakness and failures,

interceding for me, you’re on my side,

encouraging me, rooting me on.

You are my hope Lord,

who lived the perfect life before God,

being the blood sacrifice for my sins,

taking my punishment, dying my death.

You ascended and passed through into the heavens,

and are now seated at the throne of grace,

lovingly extending your scepter,

generously pouring out your favor and blessing,

anointing me with oil in undeserved mercy and kindness.


help me to hear your voice,

to trust and believe you,

to not shrink back from the light of your Word,

piercing my soul, separating bone and marrow,

exposing my need, my desperation, my pride, my unbelief.

Draw me to you Lord,

I ask you for faith,

and the grace to enter into your salvation,

and the fullness of your rest,

today and all the days of my life into eternity.

I bless you that you alone are God,

my Savior, my Messiah.


The One Thing

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

O Lord,

Even in the midst of accusations and lies that come up against me,

when I see the obstacles and challenges before me

and overwhelm rises like a wave to pummel me,

even in this, help me to be confident and strong.

Lord, help me to seek the one thing that matters,

the one thing that will sustain, strengthen, and bring life —

to dwell in your presence daily

and look upon your sweet holiness and beautiful throne,

to rest secure in your Word and Spirit within me.

Now you’ll lift me up above the fray,

and I will answer your call —

Let me seek your face in prayer,

please teach me how to pray,

let me know you God, not your hand,

and seek your presence as my greatest need.

Please never leave me or abandon me Lord!

Teach and counsel me to align with your will and ways,

guide me to paths of righteousness, green pastures, and quiet streams.

I choose to wait on you Lord,

confident in hope and expectation

that I will taste and know your goodness, here and forevermore.


Trust And Rest

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash.


help me to keep my heart humble before you and man,

my eyes fixed on you,

to live a quiet and simple life,

minding my own affairs,

being kind to my neighbors.

You teach me to still my soul,

so that it’s quiet and calm,

drinking in your presence like mother’s milk.

I am content, safe, and secure with you,

in you alone I hope and trust

and am satisfied.


Hope In The Lord

Photo by Filipe Gomes on Unsplash.


help me to seek you,

to approach you rightly,

entering into the throne room of mercy,

aware of your holy power, beauty, and devastating grace,

knowing you already know, are in control,

and working all things for good

in accordance with your plans,

your heart is good, your will is pure,

and your purposes established from the foundations of this earth,

meant for my good, the salvation of the world, and for your glory.

Forgive me for clinging to my ways and my own understanding,

looking back with regret and not trusting you.

I choose to put my hope in you,

trusting you will renew my strength,

and I will soar on eagle’s wings,

the wind of your Spirit buoying me up,

guiding, directing, counseling, and revealing your ways,

seeing from on high with your perspective,

flying safely in and through turbulence and chaos when I obey,

understanding once more,

again and again,

that you are in control,

Master of the winds, Master of my life,

trustworthy, powerful, safe Abba,

I put my hope and trust in you.


Sailing Forth

Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash.

O Lord,

As in the days of Noah,

people drink, marry, and carry on,

scorners scorn, mockers mock your Name,

even as the nations conspire and the world rages against you,

our cultures and words like the roiling, boiling sea

lashing out in defiance, independence,

rebellion and pride,

your ark of salvation,

filled with loving-kindness, mercy, and grace,

sails on,

indifferent to the rolling waves,

and all the powers that wish to upheave.

I can never thank you enough for reaching out your hand

of gentle mercy and strong deliverance,

bringing me into your covenant of grace

when I was lost, thrashing, and drowning in the world.

You alone are steady, secure, and safe,

the only sure foundation in a world passing away,

a world self destructing by hands no different than mine,

but who have refused your mercy ship,

now it has sailed on.

I praise you for your beautiful vessel of grace that continues forth,

bringing salvation, hope, and deliverance wherever you go,

to all crying out, calling for you,

you are an ever present help,

a safe harbor, a refuge, the only escape.

And all are welcome,

bedraggled, broken, weary sojourners

who now look from worldly, passing away kings

to the King of Kings who reigns eternal.

Together, we press against the oars,

unfurl the sails,

let loose the ropes,

drop anchors,

and throw out buoys,

answering your call,

to reach as many crying out to be saved,

and sailing steadily onward into the horizon

hoping one day, soon,

to sail right through to the other side of sunset,

in hopes of being with you, our Savior and King,

in the presence of your glory and peace,



Perfecter Of Your Faith

Photo by Adrian Swancar on Unsplash.


I bless your light shining within me,

covering, healing, cleansing, transforming

the wounded places inside.

Fractures and brokenness that had filled me with shame,

now glow with your mercy, loving kindness, and grace.

I’m humbled by your goodness

and your acceptance of what I despised,

my unacceptable, unworthy parts,

and I find my darkness and light,

my shadows and good,

are all embraced by you.

Every piece of me is

your desire, your dream,

your redemption, your inheritance,

transformed, resurrected by your Spirit and fire.

I come knowing I’m embraced, accepted,

worthy exactly as I am,

shadow and light,

you welcome all of me,

every piece and part of me

bought and paid for at the highest price,

Your resurrection power has been working all along

redeeming, pruning, loving me into oneness with your Son,

your love and glory shining through my weakness and dependence,

I praise you for your glory within,

for your dream hidden in me,

redeemed by your Son.

Thank you Abba for your good work in me.


Hope For 2021

Photo by Vera W on Unsplash.


I praise you for new beginnings.

I step into 2021,

my eyes fixed on you,

my hand in your hand,

trusting and resting in you,

hoping and anticipating your move.

Ready me, heal me, prepare me for my work,

that you’ve already established for my hands uniquely.

Set me in the places of belonging

where you’d shine your light through me.

Grant me your wisdom and vision,

a boundaried life,

prioritized by your heart and purposes.

Mold me and make me ready and fit

to be your soldier and your light,

to love you and love others

in the way you’ve purposed me for.

And I pray all the glory would be yours,

that my deepest delight would be to please you,

and 2021

I will live solely for the audience of One.

I praise you God, and for all you will do.