Hope In Him

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash.

Precious Lord,

you came down from heaven

to die for me and live,

purchasing every piece and part of me

and giving me eternal life.

Change me,

cleanse my tongue,

help me to run after you, with a new vision —

not being rich on earth,

but seeking the celestial, beautiful, eternal kingdom of Yerushalayem,

to dwell and be with you forever.

I will run this race with you as my hope and my call,

for you are my portion forever.

Thank you for the gift of your Spirit,

marking me and setting me apart for you.

I am a citizen of heaven,

passing through this earth,

my vision, my gaze is set on you.



You Came Once

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

O Lord,

I praise you and I love you,

Thank you for coming once,

the Lamb of God,

as the Son of Man, Son of God

to take away all my sins and give me eternal life.

You overcame death

and are alive right now seated at the right hand of the Father,

Thank you for coming to die for me.

I look to your second coming,

as the Lion of the tribe of Judah,

righteous Judge, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.

I bless your name today,

your love, power, mercy, and grace infused

throughout all creation, and all things that are

right, true, beautiful, and good.


Light Of My Path

Photo by Andres F. Uran on Unsplash.


You call and I step out,

I trust and you provide,

you’re faithful and you sustain me.

I light the lamp of my heart with the oil of your presence,

your Spirit, a flame within me.

I praise you with a thankful heart,

the sweet incense of joy mingled with your presence.

My spirit soars as I give you all the glory,

remembering your lovingkindness, care, and grace

overtaking me, overwhelming me,

going before me,

to light this path of life

into all eternity.


The Light Has Overcome

Photo by Vivek Karthikeyan on Unsplash.


I remember you,

in the midst of my darkness, pain, and grief,

you are the eternal flame that will never go out.

As I draw near to you,

your light scatters the shadows,

breaks up the darkness,

and the comfort of your warmth,

your life, and your presence fills me.

Son of God, Son of Man,

you sustain me with your breath,

your Word, and your oil of gladness drips down my head.

You’ve anointed me and sealed me by your Spirit.

With you and in you Yeshua,

Light of the world,

I’m more than a conqueror

because you have overcome the world.


God With You

Photo by Maddy Baker on Unsplash.

I bless you O God,

King of the universe,

the one true judge,

in my grief,

when the way is dark,

I bless your name,

remembering that your glory shines

high above the heavens,

and that your light will break through

the heavy clouds overhead,

I bless you O God

for your presence with me,

sweet comfort alongside my mourning,

hope guiding through pain,

strength covering my weakness,

your love finding me in my darkest moments,

and transforming me through grace.

I bless your precious name,


Bless You Friend

Photo by John Wiesenfeld on Unsplash.

Bless you sister and brother,

reading this prayer post,

and the beautiful reflection of the Creator that you are,

perfect in your form, shape, personality, strengths, and gifts,

beloved and lovely in your limitations, weakness, and failures.

You are made for a purpose,

Your life is needed,

You have a call,

Though you may have been tested for a time,

Yeshua knows you and loves you,

and has overcome all your sin, shame, pride, humiliation, and embarrassment,

He’s overcome all your demons and torment,

Greater is He within you, than he who’s in the world.

Your life is in His hands,

and He is the author and perfecter of your faith,

No weapon forged against you shall prevail,

and He is the lifter of your head.

You are free, you have overcome, and you are more than a conqueror

in Messiah, who died for you, was buried, and was resurrected

to the right hand of God seated up in heaven.

May there be no limits to your faith, hope, and joy,

May His peace abide in you and His love secure you,

to simply be you today, beloved by Him.


Shine Like The Stars

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash.

O Lord,

Your precious Spirit is light and flame within me,

help me to tend your fire within,

with words of praise and thanksgiving.

Set a coal upon my lips,

forgive me for my grumbling and complaining,

sear away the lies I’ve spoken

in unbelief and discouragement.

No longer will I tolerate this bondage of my construction,

I stand firm in your truth, wielding my sword,

I’ll praise my way in faith

through the world’s darkness and confusion

following my Shepherd’s voice,

I’ll speak forth your beauty, love, and righteousness.

Let me shine like a star in this generation,

for your Name and glory alone.

Come quickly Lord,


A Secret Garden

Photo by Alysa Bajenaru on Unsplash.


I am a garden enclosed,

your pleasant boundaries surround me,

I’m safe with your presence as a strong tower,

a fortress around me,

your Spirit, Word, and beauty bless me within,

fragrant with your grace, mercy, and life,

your angels encamp around me,

and I dwell in the shelter of your wings,

in the shadow of your presence,

seen, known, and beloved,

I bless and cherish you,