Praise the Lord


I praise you today,

and forget not all your benefits.

You’ve forgiven me of all my sins,

healed me of all my diseases,

your mercy and grace wash over me,

your loving kindness overtakes me,

I am blessed,

loved, and known

by my Creator and King,

God of the universe,

who holds the whole world,

the breath of every living creature,

the movement of the oceans,

clouds, and winds in His hands.

Let me trust more,

see you all around

and love more,

drench me with with you Spirit,

to worship you all my days,

because you alone are worthy Lord.



To Pray


thank you for reaching my heart,

loosening my lips,

unlocking words

to talk with you,

to pray,





for confidence in your love,

for showing me my limits and lack

by your kindness, not to my shame,

so that I can ask, seek, and knock.

My reason has failed me,

your loving kindness has broken through,

time and again,

I bless you for faith,

softening, circumcising this heart of stone,

and I dare to believe now,

that you are so good,

you will answer.

I accept your terms,

I pray now your will, not my own,

trusting you know best,

with unclenched hands

ready to surrender all and receive

your best for my ultimate good,

even when I don’t understand.

Help me, teach continuously how to pray,

I love you Lord.


You Hear


I cry out to you,

hear my voice and turn your ear to me.

When you are silent,

I become desperate for your words,

and am no better than those going to the pit.

I thank you for your blood,

cleansing me as I enter your Tent of Meeting,

washing me from all sins — past, present, and future,

pride, failures, and shame once more swept away.

I lift my hands to you,

offering you my heart and soul.

Search me, know me,

test my anxious thoughts,

see if there is any offensive way in me

and lead me in the way everlasting.

I bless you Lord because you’ve heard me,

you receive my cries and are moved,

moving on my behalf.

You alone are my Rock and Refuge,

the One to whom I can turn.

You are my strength and my comfort,

and my heart trusts and finds rest in you alone.

You answer my prayers, you speak to my heart,

and my heart rejoices in your hep and love.

I thank you Lord for your faithfulness to me,

you are a fortress surrounding me

with the heavenly hosts at your beck and command.

I will not shaken, I will not be moved,

and I rejoice to trust in your might hand and outstretched arm.

Bless you Lord,


Marvelous Salvation

Photo by John Price on Unsplash.


You are sovereign and in control,

your voice thunders through the mighty waves,

your power manifests through lightning and thunder storms,

your majesty rests on snowcapped mountaintops, sunrise to sunset,

you are alive and enthroned in the heavens,

interested, intimately involved in all the affairs of man.

In your great mercy, you’ve extended rest

to this broken world of self reliance and rebellion,

so far removed from knowing you, understanding your ways.

We’ve made such a mess Lord,

forgive us.

That you’d call us,

through the voice of your Son,

once a baby, now a grown man,

the eternal once and future Word,

the King of kings of kings,

and save us all, your enemies,

from birth, from corrupted DNA

back to Adam and Eve.

Your love is unfathomable,

I can’t understand why…

only that you are God,

and I am not.

Your ways are higher than mine,

your thoughts than my thoughts.

I humble my heart before you Lord,

and ask that it would be your good pleasure

to reveal yourself to me,

your heart, your love and grace,

please grow me, mature me in your love and ways,

as you heal and help me surrender,

and user me into the fullness of your rest

by your gracious invitation.

Thank you Lord,

you alone are worthy to be praised.


Known By Life

Photo by Kristine Cinate on Unsplash.


Your love overwhelms me,

I’m amazed that you see me,

your child, your own,

a speck of dust,

standing as a separate entity,

before your glorious presence.

You knew the choices of my father, my father’s father,

and my own, made in sin, would lead me

down paths of heartache and bondage.

Yet that you would appoint me to believe,

grant repentance to me that leads to life,

and open my heart to your Son —

I’m in awe of your mercy.

In the midst of my struggles and brokenness,

you cherish, treasure, and dignify me,

and honor my free will and choice.

Lord, you have loved me with an everlasting love,

I bless you for your salvation,

I praise you for your joyous shouts over my life,

your delight in leaning in and hearing my voice,

and answering the movements of my heart.

I am nothing without you,

you make me everything I was meant to be,

you give me life.

God you are so good,

thank you for knowing you, knowing life!


Rest Secure

Photo by Francesco Ungaro on Unsplash.


I thank you that I can come freely to you,

and lay my tangled self in your loving hands.

I praise you that you know me,

where to begin healing me,

gently touching my heart, shining your light,

speaking truth, and releasing darkness.

You work in ways non-linear,

beyond my comprehension and understanding,

hovering over my chaos and mess,

bringing your order, life, and beauty.

I rest, trusting in your perfect timing,

to bring up the depths of my heart to cleanse,

it was never my duty,

never my work,

to disentangle, scrub, and bring perfection.

You have done it all,

and I humble my heart again

to draw close to you,

and by faith, receive all that you have done for me,

dying for each and every one of my sins,

and giving me in exchange, your perfect, beautiful life.

I rest secure in your love.

I bless you Lord.


Love Hears

Photo by Kai Brune on Unsplash.


Thank you for your love,

that you bend down from heaven and incline your ear,

to hear my feeble cries.

I praise you for your loving kindness and humility,

for your Spirit that comes into the middle of my fractured mess,

accepting my heart, frailty, and fragility with mercy.

I bless you for your presence,

your answers, solutions, and divine coincidences,

that speed healing, life, and restoration within me

that I could never conjure or figure out for myself.

I repent to you Lord,

for all the ways I control and fix on my own

leading to so much more heartache and pain.

Thank you for your patience and kindness,

always receiving me back,

gently comforting and healing,

loving me into wholeness and truth,

cleansing and washing my feet once more,

so I can rest and wholly abide in you again,

safe and secure as your child.

I bless you Abba,


He Hears Me

Photo by Daniel Weiss on Unsplash.

Lord of my righteousness,

I cry out to you in distress,

needing your help and strength once again,

please don’t turn me away as I come with feeble arms,

my heart is low, and my spirit defeated within me.

O Lord, I remember your faithfulness,

how you have provided comfort, relief, and mercy,

the strength of your presence, lightness, and joy before.

Remember me in your loving kindness now,

and hear my spirit’s cry where words are strangled in my throat.

Lord look upon me in favor

because I have put faith in you alone.

I lift my heart to you and worship you

because you alone and always

are worthy, holy, and good.

Your delight lifts me up as you inhabit my praise,

I settle my spirit before you,

trusting you see and know me,

and love me all the way.

I bless your name.


Bless The Lord

Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash.

I bless you Lord,

with all my soul,

I bless your holy Name.

I look to you,

and touch the hem of your garment,

and sigh a breath of relief,

remembering your benefits,

your loving kindness and mercy,

forgiving me of all my sin,

touching and healing all of my diseases.

You’ve taken me up from my pit of despair,

and constantly prove your mercy and kindness as I turn to you.

You are with me,

and you give me the crown of thanksgiving and praise to you.

When I have been hopeless and exhausted,

you met me with continual grace and goodness.

I bless you Lord,

with all my soul,

I bless your precious Name.