The Vine

Photo by Jeremy C on Unsplash.


hidden in you,

I sense sweet completeness,

a soft orb of light surrounding me,

boundaries intact, healed, whole.

The Source of life emanating from within,

a fountain of life bubbling forth,

washing, cleansing, rinsing away

shadows and cobwebs of sin that want to cling.

You are the Vine and I the branch,

I’m at rest in your seat of love,

you lavish upon me

a banquet, a feast of spiritual blessings

before me — joy, gladness, delight, and hope,

as you talk intimately in my heart,

giving your wisdom and counsel.

I long to hear more of your heart, your priorities,

your call, your purpose.

Grant me the grace,

to stay in this sweet place,

and hear and obey your voice,

devote myself, my time to you,

that I may walk in the fullness of your call,

my identity, my rich inheritance —

being a child of God, making salty and emanating light, in a hurting world,

all for your Name’s sake,

all for your glory and praise.