Your Prayer Quote


God’s Joy


Thank you for your kindness and grace,

that your thoughts toward me are a million fold good,

that your love showers upon me like a comet storm.

I praise you for your songs of joy

reverberating throughout the heavens,

drenching me in resonance, life, and delight.

I’m in awe of your love and compassion,

quiet, merciful, gentle, unobstrusive,

making no mention of my past sins.

Your love is all around,

surrounding, embracing,

cleansing and renewing me.

There’s none in the heavens and the earth like you,

nothing, no one that comes close,

no second that even compares.

You are awesome and glorious,

resplendant in your beauty, holiness, and love.

I praise you Abba,

thank you for making me yours.


Sweet Rest

Photo by Dev Asangbam on Unsplash.

Beautiful Lord,

Sweet rest is in you,

abiding in your love

that makes me worthy —

valued, precious, seen, known,

crafted by your Word,

knit together by my Creator,

saved and delivered out of sin and shame,

your mercy and love have arrested my doing,

my independence replaced by your Spirit within,

cleansing, washing, renewing my heart,

counseling, guiding, granting wisdom for my function,

that I may live from the inside out,

in alignment with my Maker,

allowing your streams of living water

to flow forth from me —

an instrument in the hand of my Redeemer,

without apology,

my gifts and talents anointed and alive

by your love and Spirit within.

Oh Lord, that my love would abound in knowledge,

depth of discernment, and insight,

and guided by your grace,

that I would have understanding

of your whole and complete will for my life

that I would live a life pleasing to you,

and in you,

be salt and light in this world.


You Make Me Yours

Photo by Timothy Eberly on Unsplash.


I bless you for your mercy

that chose me in Messiah.

You plucked this rebellious heart out of the miry clay

and set my feet upon a solid rock.

Your salvation is once and eternal,

wondrous and powerful,

there is no way to freedom outside of your Son.

But even then I thought

to you I’ll come proving my worth and deeds

flexing my own strength,

puffed up and empty in my religious deeds,

Abba, you are long suffering and patient,

so kind to care —

to discipline and chastise those you love.

You pursue me,

break me and remake me,

taking me through the kiln,

I, an orphan, in mistaken identity,

with so much to prove.

You burn away my filthy rags and self righteous deeds

that fool no one but me.

I’m naked and bare

with nothing to bring

but a broken heart.

Your love and delight touch me now,

wretched me,

utterly wounded — lost, confused, and abandoned without you,

and I understand,

your salvation is my miracle every day,

once, today, ongoing, eternal,

just to be yours

an orphan no longer, but your child,

depending on you, leaning on you,

trusting you,

with nothing left to prove,

except that I’ve been redeemed, I’m celebrated, I’m seen.

Thank you,

you are such a good Abba,

salvation, deliverance, and all good things,

come from you alone,

and I bless you with all my heart.


Permission To Be You

Photo by Maxx Gong on Unsplash.


Touch me as you touched Daniel

in answer to his prayers of grief and pain,

Let me know the nearness of heaven

and teach me how to pray again,

touch my heart to express feelings long hidden away,

lost deep within as shiftless vapors with no identity,

give me words that shape them, give them meaning,

creating form for me, my heart, my petitions,

grant me grace to be honest with you,

and to give myself that same permission,

to be messy, complicated, known and unknown,

all of me, wholly surrendered to you,

Touch with me your vision and comfort,

and hope for what’s to come,

Don’t leave me where I am,

but let me enjoy the process with you.

I love you and I trust You Lord,