You Are Faithful

Photo by Jonnelle Yankovich on Unsplash.


I remember your faithfulness

and your hand of provision and mercy,

revealing Abba’s heart and His love for me,

drawing me into sonship and identity.

Thank you that you’re with me,

you’ll never leave me nor forsake me.

Thank you that your grace is sufficient for me,

that I can do all things in you, with you.

Thank you that your ways bring peace,

your yoke is easy, and your burden is light.

Thank you that I can lay my pressures and heaviness at your feet,

giving you my broken everything,

and lean on, trust in, depend on you,

not on my own blind understanding,

and when I acknowledge you in my daily,

you will be make my paths straight.

You are faithful Lord,

and I put my trust and hope in you.