My Lord

My Lord,

I surrender to your waves of mercy,

sinking deep, allowing your love to penetrate every cell of my body.

I can’t believe you would take me back,

after my failures, my sin, my betrayal of you,

the nails I put in your hands and feet,

the way I mocked and scorned you,

how hard and cold my heart was to your suffering.

I don’t understand how you receive me back again and again,

this prodigal,

with wide open arms,

putting your ring on my finger,

your robe on my back,

telling me I am yours,

that you chose me and want me,

and I belong to you.

I can’t understand your love in my intellect,

yet you pursue me, you haven’t let me go.

You are kind, gentle, and good,

holy, pure, with no guile,

strong, tender, compassionate,

humble, gracious, and patient.

You keep no record of my wrongs,

your heart is always soft towards me,

open, merciful, you never hold back.

I bless you Lord

there’s none that loves like you,

you alone are God,

perfect in love,

beautiful, glorious,

take this small, broken heart,

make it wholly yours,

I give myself to you.



Photo by Mark Landman on Unsplash

O Lord,

you see my heart,

you love me,

are in love with this broken mess,

and joy can’t help but arise,

whistling through the cracks and missing pieces,

in exuberance, song, and noise,

shame cast aside,

knowing that what this clay pot holds

is a treasure beyond measure,

I’m worthy because you love me,

I’m worthy because you’ve made me,

I’m worthy because you’ve saved and delivered me,

I’m worthy, seen, known, embraced in you my Lord,

and I give you all my love and praise today!