Word Of God


grant me a hunger and thirst for your Word,

let me read, peer in,

Spirit, lead me and guide me into all Truth,

increase the spirit of wisdom and revelation upon me,

to see you clearly and rightly—

to know your heart,

your personality,

your thoughts,

your character,

your eyes of fire,

your hair as white as wool,

your outline, your shape,

your life and death,

your eternal presence going before me,

a window into God’s heart.

Be pleased to reveal yourself to me,

that I may offer pure delight and worship unto you.

I bless you Lord.



Knowing Him Rightly


let me see you clearly,

le me know you rightly,

believing your Word,

standing in your Truth,

tender to your Spirit.

Protect and deliver me

from the gimmicks, charisma,

deception, and hype that would tickle my ears,

shiny packages wrapped with your name

but devoid of you.

I ask for the fear of the Lord,

help me to understand your sacrifice,

everything you gave,

everything you demand,

counting the cost of following you.

I pray to surrender all

counting all things as loss

because of the treasure of knowing you,

so with joy, thanksgiving, and praise

I give my life to you.

I bless you Lord.


Pursuing The Lord


let me know you rightly,

let me see you clearly,

casting aside my perceived gains and merits

for your sake,

your purposes for giving me my life.

Let me prize your presence,

the treasures of knowledge and revelation of you,

and let everything else dim in comparison,

considering it all garbage,

casting off all the cares of this world,

so that I may gain you.

I want to be found in you Lord,

not in any of my own righteousness,

works, or merits,

but in faith,

the righteousness that comes

by believing in you alone.

Lord, to know you,

that I may ultimatley value knowing you,

your Personhood,

your resurrection,

your suffering,

your death,

and become more like you.

Let me continue to press on,

forgetting what is behind,

and reaching for what is ahead,

staying true to your Word

already planted within me,

and eager to develop and grow in you daily.

Be my vision,

be my goal,

be my everything Lord.

I bless you,


Pursuing God


Be my vision,

your Word, a lamp unto my feet,

your Spirit, a sweet, sure guide —

a cloud before me by day,

a pillar of fire by night.

Please guide my steps,

make my path clear,

so my feet will not stumble,

and I do not lose my way.

Grant me wisdom,

place me with

wise counselors who’ve traversed your ancient paths.

Give me discernment and insight,

patience in your timing,

that I may not run ahead,

or lag behind,

but walk with you,

knowing you,

confident in intimacy,

running the race you’ve

uniquely called me to.

Show me when to move

and when to rest,

and let me do both wholly and fully,

growing in my understanding

of my knit and function.

I praise you for your call to follow you.

Help me to cast off all that hinders,

the sin that so easily entangles,

and pursue you,

my reward, my treasure,

my portion and my inheritance,

source of my life.


Know You More


I turn my heart to you,

longing to know you as my friend, my brother.

Wash me thoroughly once again Lord,

cleanse me of my religion,

my disciplines, my practices,

the tools that I turn to

thinking I’ll be ok.

I desire to know you,

your heart, your thoughts, your ways,

your wisdom, your love, your passion, your devotion.

Open my eyes to look back on your kindness and faithfulness,

your merciful interventions into my life,

your always pursuit that carried me through

the valleys and the mountains.

Help me to remember your grace like air,



carrying me.

I lift my voice to thank you

that you’ve never let me go,

to praise you

for making me yours

bringing me into your kingdom of light,

my Lord who is

unchanging, holy, pure love, righteous, gentle, and true

yesterday, today, and forevermore.


Return To First Love

Photo by Maurits Verschoren on Unsplash.


Help me to return to you,

wholehearted and single-minded,

as I did at first.

Let my heart shine brightly

as I put all my hope in you,

and trust in you,

leaning not on my own understanding.

Forgive me for letting my light grow dim,

where years of waiting and hope deferred,

gave way to disappointment and despair.

You have never changed Lord,

you pursued me from the beginning,

walked with me through deep waters,

you are with me now.

Help me to let go and trust you

that all things that happened and will happen

are within the boundaries of your will and purpose,

knowing you are perfect in love, righteousness, and holiness,

and work all things for my good and for your glory.

Give me the grace to surrender rightly all prayers

once they leave my lips and heart to yours,

trusting in your wisdom

to answer as you please.

Let me treasure you,

knowing you, and being with you above all else,

as you do with me.

Return my heart to first love again,

thank you Lord.


Hope In The Lord

Photo by Filipe Gomes on Unsplash.


help me to seek you,

to approach you rightly,

entering into the throne room of mercy,

aware of your holy power, beauty, and devastating grace,

knowing you already know, are in control,

and working all things for good

in accordance with your plans,

your heart is good, your will is pure,

and your purposes established from the foundations of this earth,

meant for my good, the salvation of the world, and for your glory.

Forgive me for clinging to my ways and my own understanding,

looking back with regret and not trusting you.

I choose to put my hope in you,

trusting you will renew my strength,

and I will soar on eagle’s wings,

the wind of your Spirit buoying me up,

guiding, directing, counseling, and revealing your ways,

seeing from on high with your perspective,

flying safely in and through turbulence and chaos when I obey,

understanding once more,

again and again,

that you are in control,

Master of the winds, Master of my life,

trustworthy, powerful, safe Abba,

I put my hope and trust in you.


Wondrous God

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash.

Mighty Lord,

magnanimous in your glory throughout all the heavens,

ever present, everywhere in love, mercy, truth, and grace,

you ride on the clouds,

leaving the trail of your glory

in the sunrise and sunsets,

your power, intelligence, and care

on display through creation for all to see,

you are wondrous, beyond imagination,

and humble,

as the dirt that created your body,

when you gave up all your glory to come down

and die for me,

you knew my need before I knew it myself,

my brokenness, trauma and sin life

apart from you, disconnected from my Maker,

and you made the way,

to enter into abundant life

in you alone,

beloved Son, intimate with the Father,

my gift, my grace received,

I love you for all you’ve done,

for all you are,

and I praise your beautiful name today!