Bless You Friend

Photo by John Wiesenfeld on Unsplash.

Bless you sister and brother,

reading this prayer post,

and the beautiful reflection of the Creator that you are,

perfect in your form, shape, personality, strengths, and gifts,

beloved and lovely in your limitations, weakness, and failures.

You are made for a purpose,

Your life is needed,

You have a call,

Though you may have been tested for a time,

Yeshua knows you and loves you,

and has overcome all your sin, shame, pride, humiliation, and embarrassment,

He’s overcome all your demons and torment,

Greater is He within you, than he who’s in the world.

Your life is in His hands,

and He is the author and perfecter of your faith,

No weapon forged against you shall prevail,

and He is the lifter of your head.

You are free, you have overcome, and you are more than a conqueror

in Messiah, who died for you, was buried, and was resurrected

to the right hand of God seated up in heaven.

May there be no limits to your faith, hope, and joy,

May His peace abide in you and His love secure you,

to simply be you today, beloved by Him.



He Pursues You

Photo by Omer Salom on Unsplash.

O Lord,

You never stop pursuing in your love,

seeking wounds and brokenness,

crevices of darkness and pain,

life is trauma,

disconnected with you,

a disjointed, fragmented Frankenstein of my creation,

betrayed, shattered by broken cisterns,

nevertheless your loving kindness seeps through,

like water, like oxygen,

ever present, healing, calling, replenishing, restoring me

to the ancient path, to the only way,

Yeshua, the Truth and Life

I’ll let go of my empty pursuits and fruitless vanities,

surrendering all I’ve known in brokenness to you,

and I will receive your life abundant in stead,

what I’ve longed for all along,

a relationship, connected with you,

loved deeply by you, and to love you,

made whole, just by knowing you.


Take Heart Beloved

Photo by Meric Dagli on Unsplash

Take heart beloved

Just one step forward

I’m with you

you’re not alone

I’ll push the darkness away

the heavy clouds of shame

I’ll protect you from the enemy

its flaming arrows pulling you down

lean on me

trust me

I love you

I accept you where you are

let’s take the next step together

I’m for you and not against you

my burden is light

my yoke is easy

I want you to succeed

in all my plans for you

to prosper you and not to harm you

wait on me

I’m not slow in my promises

I want my best for you

surrender all

give me your weary heart

be my companion

rest in the garden with me

and walk with me, my friend

I love you

I am always here for you

My beloved.

My Precious Prize

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.


You are my precious prize

knowing you, perceiving you

getting who you are as a Person

being intimately acquainted with you

understanding your heart, your mind

sensing the nudges of your Spirit

your guidance in your ways

I choose to let go of the past now

each sliver of memory that shames

giving them to you who heals

and forgetting what is behind

embracing my wholeness

as I strain towards you

transforming, changing as I open my heart

to know you today

Yeshua, you are my prize

by your grace, allow me to be successful

in my race towards heaven

I love you


His Perfect Leadership

When I abide in you

submersed in the deep waters of your Spirit

resting in your strength and grace

following your perfect leadership,

your nudges and the drawing of your presence

making my path made clear by the peace of your guidance

you are so patient to teach me your ways

my gentle and humble Teacher

your yoke is easy, your burden light

and even when it is my failure, my mistakes and my error

from where I cry out and call upon your name

you mercifully come in and deliver

working all things for my good, for your glory

how amazing are you God

how glorious is your love

I’m blessed knowing I’m yours,

your child, your delight


My Sure Help

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash.


You are my strength, my calm, my anchor

my true guide, counselor, and teacher

your word is light, and your spirit is true

you never lead me astray

I trust you God, looking to you for all my help

knowing in certainty you’re always there

and you’ll never fail me.

I praise you loving and faithful God

you are so good to me

you alone are worthy of all my praise


Next To Me

Loving Abba,

I thank you that you I can come

undone in my worries and my sin

your arms are open to welcome me in

the prodigal, the heart’s that strayed

to find rest once again in you

Your love embraces my doubts,

my fears, all my failed plans

Your peace wraps around me

calming my hesitancy

to ask for mercy just once more

I’m undeserving with so much to prove

but find only emptiness in my striving

until you remind me, touch me once again

that there’s nowhere to reach

in you, I’m already there

with you right next to me

accepting me and loving me

granting me all the grace once more

to simple come to you

and be simply me

I love you Father


Make Us One

Abba Father,

I bless the work of Your hands

every color, shape, culture and tongue

each and every brother and sister in the Body of Messiah

Your creation, a new creation in spirit

Call us forth in Yeshua

to arise whole, complete and healed in Him

to fulfill Your unique call upon each of our lives

spreading the fragrance of Messiah in our steps

to understand Your precious inheritance in us

of Yeshua’s love and grace in and through us

help us keep our hearts set on You

inclining our ears to Your voice

above the clamor and noise of the world

and do the good work You’ve prepared

for each of our different, beautiful hands to do

unite us under your headship

one in Your Spirit, mind and purpose

that Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven

and to You be all power, honor and glory forever


I Love You God

Photo by Marivi Pazos on Unsplash

Abba Father

I submit my spirit and soul into Your loving hands

resting in Your strength and power

I’m safe and secure in Your presence

I lean on Your wisdom and understanding

Your light fills my soul

warms my heart

enlivens my mind

and I sense, feel, know You all around

You are beautiful

Your creation is glorious

You’re here with me and I rejoice

I bless You God

I love you