Trust And Rest

Photo by Artsy Vibes on Unsplash.


help me to keep my heart humble before you and man,

my eyes fixed on you,

to live a quiet and simple life,

minding my own affairs,

being kind to my neighbors.

You teach me to still my soul,

so that it’s quiet and calm,

drinking in your presence like mother’s milk.

I am content, safe, and secure with you,

in you alone I hope and trust

and am satisfied.


You’re With Me

Photo by Daiga Ellaby on Unsplash.

Lord Emmanuel,

God with me,

let me hear your voice,

wash me with the radiance of your presence,

my Beloved is radiant and ruddy,

smelling of rich earth and life

dew, grass, and flowers awakening in the morning.

Strong and sure in His steps,

He leads me through green pastures and rest,

quiet streams and safe paths.

His eyes are clear and blue with light,

alive with revelation and truth,

guiding me in the night,

through dark valleys where I cannot see.

Powerful and frightening toward my enemies,

the Lion of Judah swings His staff,

His might destroys my enemies,

His rod always keeps me close.

Never will He lose me,

always His watchful eye is on me,

“Follow Me” He says,

and He guides me with gentleness and care,

up and up to the mountain of God.

where I hope to dwell with Him,

in the kingdom of His rule and reign forever and ever.

Help me, give me grace

to keep my eyes on you and follow you Lord

all the days of my life,

I love you.


He Brings Restoration

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I thank you for your mercy that draws me back to you.

I remember Naomi who left the land you had promised to her and her people,

and who lived with idolaters,

then experiencing tragedy, loss, and grief,

returning to Bethlehem — broken, traumatized, and bitter.

She brought with her Ruth,

a foreigner grafted into the olive branch.

You held onto her,

the faith you established in her upheld her,

your provision of a kinsman-redeemer ultimately restored her,

on every level, in every way.

You blessed her, honored her,

you brought redemption and renewal of her family line,

including her in your eternal legacy,

giving us the Messiah of the world through her line.

I praise you that you are the same God

yesterday, today, and forever.

God of Naomi and Ruth,

you are my God,

and I rise up to leave behind idols, barrenness, and emptiness,

trusting you with failure and grief,

knowing you are my God who gave me my kinsman-redeemer,

and brings to my soul complete restoration.

I cling to your Son,

I cling to the olive branch,

and I hope in you who renews my strength.

I love you and worship you Abba.


Return To First Love

Photo by Maurits Verschoren on Unsplash.


Help me to return to you,

wholehearted and single-minded,

as I did at first.

Let my heart shine brightly

as I put all my hope in you,

and trust in you,

leaning not on my own understanding.

Forgive me for letting my light grow dim,

where years of waiting and hope deferred,

gave way to disappointment and despair.

You have never changed Lord,

you pursued me from the beginning,

walked with me through deep waters,

you are with me now.

Help me to let go and trust you

that all things that happened and will happen

are within the boundaries of your will and purpose,

knowing you are perfect in love, righteousness, and holiness,

and work all things for my good and for your glory.

Give me the grace to surrender rightly all prayers

once they leave my lips and heart to yours,

trusting in your wisdom

to answer as you please.

Let me treasure you,

knowing you, and being with you above all else,

as you do with me.

Return my heart to first love again,

thank you Lord.


Hope In The Lord

Photo by Filipe Gomes on Unsplash.


help me to seek you,

to approach you rightly,

entering into the throne room of mercy,

aware of your holy power, beauty, and devastating grace,

knowing you already know, are in control,

and working all things for good

in accordance with your plans,

your heart is good, your will is pure,

and your purposes established from the foundations of this earth,

meant for my good, the salvation of the world, and for your glory.

Forgive me for clinging to my ways and my own understanding,

looking back with regret and not trusting you.

I choose to put my hope in you,

trusting you will renew my strength,

and I will soar on eagle’s wings,

the wind of your Spirit buoying me up,

guiding, directing, counseling, and revealing your ways,

seeing from on high with your perspective,

flying safely in and through turbulence and chaos when I obey,

understanding once more,

again and again,

that you are in control,

Master of the winds, Master of my life,

trustworthy, powerful, safe Abba,

I put my hope and trust in you.


Lord Lead Me

Photo by Ars Buchatski on Unsplash.


You are my Shepherd,

I trust you to lead and guide my steps,

knowing what’s beyond my nearsightedness.

I choose to lean on and depend on you,

uncurling my grip and control,

based on my own understanding and insight.

I let go,

and ask you Lord,

please speak to your servant.

Let me hear your voice.

Make your way clear before me,

and my path clear and smooth,

remove the obstacles

so I can listen and obey.

Root me in your love,

assure me with your presence and peace,

and help me to be bold and courageous,

to follow you,

to walk right and upright all the days of my life,

but more just to know you,

that I may always be blessed.


The Spirit’s Work

Photo by Anastasia Taioglou on Unsplash.

Beautiful Spirit,

vulnerable and tender,

holy and pure,

gently cleansing and healing me

with truth and mercy,

rubbing away calloused worldly identities,

removing old arrows shot from the enemy,

pulling off cobwebs of lies spun all around me,

exposing the devastating shame and nakedness in me,

desperately in need of the warmth, grace, and love

of the Messiah.

Touched by your grace,

drawn by loving kindness,

you lead me to Him,

basking in your light,

I transform with each step,

your beauty and truth radiate from within,

that I belong to Him,

always, securely, forever.

I am my Beloved’s, and He is mine.


You’re My Lead


Let me be attentive to you, my King,

still and waiting,

seeking your presence,

at rest in trusting you,

knowing you’ll move, you’ll speak,

when you choose,

in your way and timing —

not mine,

let it be my delight to follow you.

As the world dims and darkens,

your light shines more brightly within,

hope and joy lifting my head to your glory eternal,

that I can only dimly perceive.

I take heart in your hand

hemming me in from behind,

your Spirit going before me,

and your Word and presence

making your heart and desires clear.

You lead me step by step,

down your winding, narrow path,

leading me to rest,

green pastures, quiet waters,

paths of righteousness,

and my spirit expands and is strengthened.

Let me walk with you like Enoch did,

faithfully here on earth

and all the way up to heaven,

that my life and death would count for you,

all for your glory, honor, and praise.