Humble Messiah

Photo by Yusuf Evli on Unsplash.

Beautiful Yeshua,

I remember your coming,

stooping so low

making yourself nothing,

to step into our lives

humbly you came into skin.

You submitted yourself,

vulnerable to the elements,

human frailty and weakness,

the powers and politics of darkness, chaos, and suffering.

You came.

You lived.

To die.

And you died and rose again!

You wanted to be with me,

you wanted to give me your perfect, righteous, obedient life.

Thank you for coming and giving everything to save me.

I praise you Yeshua.



Woman of Valor

Photo by Brandon Green on Unsplash.


I thank you for your vision set before me,

of a woman of valor,

a woman of strength,

a formidable army marching between two banners,

donned with bright silver armor,

and illuminated with holiness, fortitude, and chastity.

A light glows from within her,

and her righteousness shines like the dawn,

the justice of her King’s cause like the noonday sun.

She is disciplined and compassionate,

boundaried and merciful,

a city on a hill with strong walls surrounding her.

All who see her,

see the reflection of your beauty and glory.

A woman submitted to you Lord,

is a woman of valor to be praised.


Eishet Chayil

Photo by Ethan Robertson on Unsplash.


Thank you for your Shekinah glory,

your Holy Spirit,

your glorious presence.

Thank you for the way you have crafted women,

eishet chayil,

vessels of honor, valor, courage, and beauty.

Cleanse away the lies thrust upon us

by the enemy, who rules over the this world,

and its broken systems, cultures, and families.

Thank you for making women the reflection of your image,

endowed with the qualities

of your subtle wisdom,

gentle strength,

and powerful compassion.

Shine your light through your daughters,

precious and dearly loved,

to arise in the fullness of all your hope, belief, and love today.


Forgive Me

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.


I trust you.

You are the righteous judge

with all-encompassing wisdom,

seeing the hearts of men.

You are true and right,

ruling over all in perfect justice.

Thank you for your mercy,

for forgiving me

when I deserved all the penalties you took for me.

I put my vengeance and bitterness on the cross,

I bring my wounds before your feet,

and I trust you God to judge, bring justice, redeem,

and to avenge my wounds.

I forgive myself, for believing lies,

being my harshest critic, a relentless slave driver,

setting unreasonable standards

that was never my yoke or burden.

I bless my enemies because I love you

and let them go, entrusting them to you.

Thank you God for your deliverance,

your grace to forgive,

your love and sacrifice that sets my soul free.

I will rest in you alone,

trusting and following your Son.


Abba’s Call

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Lift your voice to me, child,

for your voice is lovely

and your face is sweet,

your emotions are safe with me,

express your heart to me

every anxious thought and worry

because I already know them and long to help you

to heal you, to give you hope and strength,

never do I condemn you or judge you,

I love you and desire my best for you,

fellowship with me, I accept all of you,

discover my special intimate knowledge of you,

my unconditional love, power, mercy, and grace,

I’m your heavenly Father,

and I long to see your face,

to hear your voice,

Come and be with me today.

Seen and Known

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash.

Abba Father,

You know everything about me,

the inclinations, leanings, the shape of my heart,

my patterns of running away and coming home,

where I’ll go, when I’ll come,

the invisible thoughts, beliefs, lies that drive me,

the words spoken and repressed,

left hanging in unawareness,

You see me, beyond my drive and my behavior,

God you see the real me.

The one you created,

the child you love,

with special intimate knowledge,

care, affection, and approval,

You know me better than I know myself,

and you love me better and more than anyone else.

I praise you for your trust, your hope,

your gentleness, kindness, goodness, and long suffering.

And I declare today, that you know me,

that I belong, and I am beloved.


Casting Your Cares

Photo by Pascal Meier on Unsplash.

Precious God,

I never thought I could come to you,

expressing all of me,

I’ve stifled all the ugly,

the unbecoming, pain and rejected in me

thinking you’d turn me away.

I thought I should have known better,

after all this time,

but I still struggle to grasp all of Your love

that You love me,

depression, brokenness, failure, and grief,

I’m surprised You welcome me, a mess, with open arms,

but You do,

again and again,

and I realize, Yeshua, this is what You died for,

for me to come

and lay all of me in Your hands,

I can talk to You about it all,

knowing You will accept, understand, and comfort,

trusting You have the power to heal, transform, and change,

knowing You have intimate understanding of me

that I have yet to discover.

I cannot change myself,

but Yeshua, I trust that You can,

and I ask for grace to humble my heart,

to come to You

with all my cares, all that I am

again and again,

to know how much I need You

how much I depend on You,

for my breath, my life, my all.

Hold onto me and don’t let me go,

You have never failed me,

I love You God,

please make it so.



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.


I don’t fit

I’m all elbows, edges, and angles

that doesn’t align, doesn’t match

with any place in this world.

And that’s ok.

You called me out of this world

picked me up from the miry clay,

and set me apart to be yours,

a citizen of heaven

made for eternal love and glory

spirit moving against the material grain of a fallen world.

I’m not rejected,

I’m chosen and special in Messiah.

I’m not a misfit,

I’m intimately understood by my Father.

I’m not wrong,

I’m unique and made for purpose by your grace.

So grant me grace to continue this journey,

as a foreigner and sojourner in a strange land,

understanding that all things will pass on this side,

and You will be waiting for me with open arms

to know You, love You, and see You clearly for all eternity

in the next.

I praise You Lord.


Your Love

Photo by Sonny Sixteen on Unsplash.

Your love is patient,

gentle and kind,

You accept me.

Your love is humble,

pure and self-sacrificing,

You wash my feet.

Your love is wise,

true and good,

You counsel me.

Your love brings hope,

always trusting, giving life

You comfort me.

Your love has taken me from the miry clay

and set my feet upon the solid Rock.

I praise you my Lord

and bless your Name.