Drink In His Rest

A grace on my heart

to stop and be still

the King of the Sabbath

calls me to draw near

to rest in His presence

allowing time to float lazily by

as I drink and imbibe

joy, courage, life and peace

from my Maker who sees

and knows better what I need

who gives generously

and without hesitation

Restoring, refreshing, enlivening me.

I praise my wonderful King.


A Dreamer’s Daughter

Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash.

I’m a daughter of a dreamer

who died searching for neverland

with pie-in-the-sky expectations

but white knuckling through life

grasping for control a vapor, an illusion

my legacy from an earthly father

I release

to you my heavenly Father,

trusting I have a rich inheritance

abiding in Your Son

who has forgiven me and cleansed me with His blood

my hope is now in heaven,

and my fruitless striving undone

to be motivated by your love, your heart

my Father by me, for me

my life resting in you alone,

so I release to you my control,

and all my expectations too

trusting you know and you love,

and that is all I need to.


He Gets You

Photo by Sebastien Dottin on Unsplash.

Lord you get me,

you peel away the layers

of my censorship,

the religion and expectations I bought into

going through robotic motions,

saying it’s life

wondering why there’s a still a gray fog

of depression, repression

of feeling anything,

saying you’re good

when I wonder if you’re there

confused and discouraged

at promises yet to bear,

Lord you get it all,

and you welcome me

my rage, my anger

my feelings I can’t control

pain I’m scared to look at

you can handle it all,

you don’t judge or condemn

your love finds hope, joy

and celebrates

the truth of who I am,

imperfect, in process

learning to be really me with you

me, who you’ve loved all along

who you trust in, hope in, and love,

there’s no one like you God,

your endless love transforms,

I trust you and thank you

for never letting go of me.

I love you God.

Permission To Be You

Photo by Maxx Gong on Unsplash.


Touch me as you touched Daniel

in answer to his prayers of grief and pain,

Let me know the nearness of heaven

and teach me how to pray again,

touch my heart to express feelings long hidden away,

lost deep within as shiftless vapors with no identity,

give me words that shape them, give them meaning,

creating form for me, my heart, my petitions,

grant me grace to be honest with you,

and to give myself that same permission,

to be messy, complicated, known and unknown,

all of me, wholly surrendered to you,

Touch with me your vision and comfort,

and hope for what’s to come,

Don’t leave me where I am,

but let me enjoy the process with you.

I love you and I trust You Lord,


A Vanity Affair

Photo by Hisu Lee on Unsplash.

Lord, you’re by my side as the black clouds come

walking hand in hand with me,

Your comfort and counsel close to me,

your strength and power reassuring,

most of all your warm, earthy presence

and your Spirit, it’s the blossoms’s perfume before a storm

hold onto to me, don’t let me go,

for as the elements collide, and the nations rage

everything is stripped down, hearts exposed, souls naked

and the pursuit of self and happiness in fleeting time,

dizzying chaos, and the anxiety of uncertainty,

feels empty, meaningless, and purposeless.

All is vanity as the world roils…

but God.

Your love reaching me from beyond eternity centers me,

Your heart and passion changes my shallow desires,

Your purpose roots me in earth and connects me to heaven,

raising my head, and opening my eyes

to see in faith to what lasts forever,

Your holiness, righteousness, beauty and love will always reign,

and you are coming back soon

to make all things right,

I worship you King of Kings, and Lord of Lords.


The Zephyr’s Call

Photo by Duc Nguyen on Unsplash.

In this month of Elul

I approach my King

who came down from His throne

earth meeting His feet

striding the fields

to be alongside me

and in His presence

I’m in His halls

might oaks trumpeting

blossoms rejoicing

clouds like chariots

painting a masterpiece on blue canvas

with glorious brushes of light

zephyrs rest and calm my soul

as all fauna’s joy stirs my spirit

I’m walking through an open door

to His heart flung open,

to meet my beloved

my gentle, humble, and magnificent King.

Your Voice Is Lovely

Photo by Zuska Stozicka on Unsplash.

Above all the clamor, the restless world

shoving, pressing, pushing, slicing voices

cutting me up into little pieces,

taking a fragment to make their whole

leaving me bereft, unboundaried, nowhere, lost,

my artificial walls shutting them out

isolating me against invisible them,

glass armor, too fragile to handle,

Above it all…

the sun still rises and the light still shines

touching me, even as words fall like black rain

you bring life into my glass menagerie

using the refuse, pressure and brokenness

and transforming by your wonder-working light

nurturing, committed, relentlessly loving

resuscitating and restoring my very DNA

to grow, blossom, and trumpet your glory

I’m joyful, thankful to be whole in your love

your voice cuts through all,

your Word speaks a better word

your Spirit and love brings life

I bless you my Redeemer, my God


Creative Me

Photo by Eva Waardenburg Photography on Unsplash.

Life expressed

unhindered in my soul

the sole of my feet

touching winding paths

on adventure for treasure

discovering pieces of me

holding His hand

in a leisurely stroll

full of questions and query

through time and back

receiving more mystery than answers

and sweet spirals of redemption

realizing that in my trek

I’m already there

safe and secure in grace and process

resting in my Maker’s love.

Feminine Way

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash.

You saw me,

underneath the tomboy slouch and martial arts dreams

shadow boxing with my father’s billionaire ambitions,

shutting down soft, armoring vulnerable,

a scorner of sensitive and gentle beings,

growing up at odds with me,

fighting my skin and rejecting meek

ashamed of the blossoming

lost, so utterly lost within

trying on designer identities given by the world

an object in bondage, labeled, used, manipulated,

the young fight’s gone, those voices had lied

broken, I was broken,

and then you came.

Reminding me, remembering me

delighting in me, enjoying me

your gentle, sensitive kindness

awakening the feminine I’d oppressed

always knowing she wasn’t safe.

Holy Spirit, Abba, and Yeshua

Now in your hands I place my life, my spirit

discovering love and casting off shame,

at last safe, secure, seen and known

because I’m just a girl, learning to be loved

trusting your hope and tender grace

to be your woman of chayil

courageous in faith and strong in heart,

beautiful in meek submission to your glorious grace