A New Creation


there is nothing beyond you,

you are Redeemer, Restorer,

Giver of life abundant,

and I praise you for making all things new.

I am a new creation,

I praise you for new beginnings,

grace for new steps,

fresh strength, and revived energy.

I praise you for healing me

from the inside out,

a second chance

when I’d thought I’d long run out of your mercy.

I praise you,

you’ve been with me all along,

disciplining, transforming, molding, and pruning me,

letting me come to the end of me,

showing me my frailty and weakness,

setting me up in every step

for a blessed life with you,

giving me permission to be free,

understanding spirit,

getting to know my own,

no longer living to and for the world,

but abundantly free in you.

I’m changed,

I’m marked by your Spirit,

I’m a child of God,

I’m beloved,

I know who I am,

I am yours,

always and forever,

because of all you’ve done.

I love you and bless you Lord.



The Cross

Photo by Dave Hoefler on Unsplash.


I remember the cross,

one beam reaching heavenward,

stretching all the way into the skies,

the other beam reaching out,

horizon to horizon,

all the way around the world.

My head at its splintered base

where your blood has dripped down and stained,

its stake implanted deeply in my heart,

to the center of my naked shame, humiliation, regret

haunting me from the past,

my rebellion, my idol —


I remember it is my sin, my shame,

my punishment, my judgement,

my death that you died,

hanging on the cross.

My wondrous God who died for me,

gentle and pure as a Lamb,

because you wanted to be in relationship with me.

I’ll always keep trusting,

I’ll always believe,

my heart wrapped around the splintered beams,

its stake drove into me —

past, present, and future,

I have been crucified with Messiah,

and I no longer live,

but the risen Messiah lives within me!

And the life I live in the body,

I live by faith in the Son of God

who loved me and gave Himself for me.

The old has gone, and the new is now —

I am a new creation in Messiah!


God’s Call

Photo by Alexander Sinn on Unsplash.


I praise you that you would use

the very emptiness of my soul

driven wild to find identity, purpose, and meaning in life,

looking for quick fixes in the cotton candy of this world,

and succumbing to disappointment and desperation.

That you would meet me impoverished of spirit,

broken in soul and mind,

shining your love and light

penetrating through my crumbling fortress

the walls I’d placed guarding my emptiness —

the identity I hoarded, needing to fill, define, and fix.

And you came in when you finally enabled me to open my heart,

and I surrendered this most precious pain to you,

and in return… I receive new life,

your Spirit reminding my cells and DNA

who I was created to be all along —

my identity, call, and purpose

infused within from the inside out.

Now I joyfully answer your call,

enabled by the power of your Spirit within,

led and guided by the boundaries of your Word and peace,

a new creation.

Lord that you would use me,

to bring praise and glory to your Name!


A New Creation

Photo by Syed Ahmad on Unsplash.


I praise you for your Spirit,

your mysterious, holy presence,

dwelling within the Holy of Holies

in my heart.

Your love is a fire,

consuming the altar of my heart,

I surrender my life to you today.

You are the source of life,

your power regenerating,

restoring, rejuvenating

from the inside out,

and old habits, old ways,

the old man is shed off

like dead, dry skin,

as you move and create

and have your way in me.

I praise you for your power to transform,

what I had no ability to do for myself,

you changed my despair to hope and new life.

I bless you Lord,

for I am a new creation,

the old has gone and the new has come!

And my joy, my delight

is to praise and honor you with all that I am.