Adon Olam

Lord of the universe,

you ruled and reigned before creation,

before a breath was taken,

and matter formed.

When your heart and desire

brought all things forth,

your name, title, position, and power

was King.

At the end of all things,

King of the universe,

awesome and glorious in power,

you will alone rule.

Lord, you were,

you are, and you will be,

always in majesty, honor, and glory.

O Lord, our God,

you are one,

there’s none that comes even close,

even second to you,

none to compare with you,

none that can be placed side by side with you.

You have no beginning, you have no end,

you are God,

and you have all the power, all dominion,

all authority, all reign.

You are my God,

my beautiful, living Redeemer,

who I run to in my time of trouble,

my rock, my refuge, my tower of strength.

You are a banner of love and victory over me,

my covering, protection, and safe place,

when I call, you fulfill and satisfy,

you are my portion, you are my cup,

your presence makes my cup overflow.

In your able hands, I entrust my spirit,

my life is yours when I sleep, when I wake.

While my breath still moves my body,

I will remember —

you O Lord are for me,

and I will not fear.