I Will Not Fear


Hide me under the shadow of your wing,

let me abide under your shelter,

you are a shield around me,

a powerful fortress

I run into and hide.

Keep me safe from the terrors of the night,

the deadly pestilence,

set your angelic guards around me,

so when I walk,

my feet may not stumble.

Though the world surrounds me in chaos, confusion, and fear,

I will not be afraid,

for you are with me, Lord,

with your outstretched arm,

your mighty hand covers me.

I will praise you all my days.





I bless you for your blood that covers me,

cleansing me from all my sin,

delivering me from death,

the lamb’s blood painted on the door frame,

the angel of death passing over,

I rest safe and secure,

because of your sacrifice.

I listen in the deep of the night,

their wailing cry of grief rising up,

those embroiled in idolatry,

rebellion against you,

and the fear of the Lord fills my heart,

holy awe at your hand of deliverance.

I praise you for making the way,

for saving me from my captors and enemies.

You alone are God,

great and mighty are you,

worthy of all praise!


Lamb Of God

Lamb of God,

you came down,

innocent, good, holy, pure,

eternal One in fragile skin,

sacrificing your life

for the world,

for me.

Thank you for your blood,

that covers all my sins,

cleansing me,

washing me,

making me new,

delivering me from deserved wrath,

and an eternity in hell,

and giving me new life,


Thank you for the great exchange,

your beautiful life,

holy and pure within me.

I bless you Lord

for all that you have done,

you alone are God,

God of love, merciful kindness,

I worship you in your goodness and grace,

bless your Name.


Made Yours

Photo by Shlomo Shalev on Unsplash.


I praise you for your nearness and your wonderful comfort,

as I wait upon you and still my soul,

in the midst of the press and darkness within and without,

I still my soul,

and remember your beautiful salvation and deliverance.

I praise you and thank you for the blood of the Lamb,

innocent, perfect, without blemish,

cleansing, covering, purifying me,

my night washed into light

and in your presence,

close to you,

is where I find myself,

where I belong

protected under your shadow,

sheltering under your wings.

I will praise you and bless your Name,

for all is well when I am with you,

and well with my soul,

I’m weaned and comforted as a child,

belonging to you,

I am yours,

and you are mine,

thank you Abba.