You Are Unique

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Creator God

Your power holds my frame together

Your breath is my spirit

You see me

I’m perfect in your eyes

wondrously, poetically made

one unique expression of your endless love

Let the prism of my soul

shine and reflect your glory

to join all creation

in giving praise to you



His Perfect Path

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Abba Father,

Your ways are higher than mine

Your thoughts higher than my thoughts

I need Your grace to see You

to seek Your kingdom first –

Your righteousness, peace and joy

Let Your Son be my true north

the Way, the Truth and the Life

I trust Your supply for my every need

I’m equipped for my call

I have no lack

Your path for me is filled with Your pleasure and presence

Your loving-kindness and grace follow me

You favor opens doors no man can shut

my own ways have only come to frustration and pain

so I surrender my life, fears and selfish ambitions to You

and choose to obey only Your voice

I will follow You

I will write



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Be still and be loved


your circumstances are in My hands

you’re not stuck

I care more for your heart than where you are

and what you do

Rest in Me

I’m the fount of living waters

I’ll refresh, strengthen and nourish you

Wait for Me

I’m not slow to answer My promises for you

I have plans to prosper you, not to harm you

Abide in Me

know My protection, wisdom and care

My sheltering power and mighty wings

Trust Me

and right now

know I love you dearly

My beloved.