This Is Love

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash.

Loving God

who sees me

knows me

whose voice

cuts through the noise

and shows me

I’m enough

that there’s no place to get to

to arrive and be done

but that I’m perfect

with Him, in Him

in mess and imperfection

because His love and truth

covers it all

He changes me

transforms me

molds me

moves me

and I love Him

for doing the things I cannot do

and giving me the grace

to do what I can

I’m loving me

through loving Him.


Follow Me

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash.

Follow Me

Lay everything down and follow me

Lay down your laptop, your phone, your to-do list

and be with me

it’s my glory to reveal myself to you

and your glory to seek me

I long to share myself with you

as you learn to open your heart to me

I love to communicate with you

in and through my living Word and my Spirit

woven in and through your body and spirit

my presence resting on your day, your coming and going

I’m with you

listen and see

take my whispers and nudges

like fine thread in your hands

showing you my way, my path that I’ve prepared for you

I have good things in store for you

walk by faith

and beloved, follow me.

My Precious Prize

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash.


You are my precious prize

knowing you, perceiving you

getting who you are as a Person

being intimately acquainted with you

understanding your heart, your mind

sensing the nudges of your Spirit

your guidance in your ways

I choose to let go of the past now

each sliver of memory that shames

giving them to you who heals

and forgetting what is behind

embracing my wholeness

as I strain towards you

transforming, changing as I open my heart

to know you today

Yeshua, you are my prize

by your grace, allow me to be successful

in my race towards heaven

I love you


His Perfect Leadership

When I abide in you

submersed in the deep waters of your Spirit

resting in your strength and grace

following your perfect leadership,

your nudges and the drawing of your presence

making my path made clear by the peace of your guidance

you are so patient to teach me your ways

my gentle and humble Teacher

your yoke is easy, your burden light

and even when it is my failure, my mistakes and my error

from where I cry out and call upon your name

you mercifully come in and deliver

working all things for my good, for your glory

how amazing are you God

how glorious is your love

I’m blessed knowing I’m yours,

your child, your delight


Next To Me

Loving Abba,

I thank you that you I can come

undone in my worries and my sin

your arms are open to welcome me in

the prodigal, the heart’s that strayed

to find rest once again in you

Your love embraces my doubts,

my fears, all my failed plans

Your peace wraps around me

calming my hesitancy

to ask for mercy just once more

I’m undeserving with so much to prove

but find only emptiness in my striving

until you remind me, touch me once again

that there’s nowhere to reach

in you, I’m already there

with you right next to me

accepting me and loving me

granting me all the grace once more

to simple come to you

and be simply me

I love you Father